In a online beauty supply store, appearance is very important and you should spend a lot of time planning and implementing your presentation. Head chefs are taught the importance of the "presentation" of food. It's not enough that the food is good quality and nutritious; it has to be eye-catching. That's why parsley growers have survived. Not many people eat parsley, but a lot of it is used as a side dish for fish and other foods. Why? To provide a splash of color and make you want to order the dish.
Some restaurants display colorful photos of their specialties around the restaurant. They always present their food in a colorful and balanced way and invite you to share. Unfortunately, the real food doesn't always match the pictures! But the point is, it's not enough to have useful, quality products; you have to show customers a "take me home" approach.
Imagination is a key element in planning a compelling presentation. Don't be afraid to do something different, maybe even a little strange at times, but within the bounds of good taste of course. The more distinctive your store is, the more your customers will remember it.
Define the theme or "look"
Instead of mixing the various displays in your store, establish a general theme that unifies your products. All displays don't need to look exactly the same, but they should be compatible or integrated with each other.
This theme can go in many directions, from whimsical to very formal and in-between. This is largely determined by the products you want to sell and the customers you want to attract. Have you ever been in a store and gotten bored and didn't want to come back because the displays were cluttered or disjointed? Of course, you want your clothes to have the opposite effect. You want your clothes to look as different as possible.
You don't have to settle for an unwelcoming interior just because you rent a space that is plain, box-shaped, and finished to an ordinary and boring standard. Not many people will be attracted to a store that looks like a warehouse, unless you sell industrial chemicals and forklifts. With a little imagination, you can turn "plain vanilla" into a "hot fudge sundae"! When you look at a space for rent, train yourself to look beyond the obvious possibilities!
Lighting is a key factor in the ambiance of any store. Most retail spaces are equipped with commercial fluorescent lights, which usually provide good illumination, but do little to add warmth to the atmosphere.
What all this means is that you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear if you wish. See the story below. A woman opened a gift store at a service station. The gas station is still her main source of income, but she has opened a beautiful gift store with everything from gifts to expensive collectibles. She loves to see her customers when they come in to pay for their gas - not the gas station you frequent!
A great way to get creative is to look around while browsing other retail stores. Go to other towns and look at similar stores. You may not want to copy their ideas exactly, but it may spark new ideas. See what appeals to you and write it down. Again, write down what you don't like so you don't make the same mistakes. Does this method sound familiar? Yes, because it's the way most people decorate their houses - look around, organize your thoughts, and throw out the things you don't like. Your store may not necessarily reflect your home decorating scheme, but it does reflect your taste. This could be your chance to be a little more daring than you are at home.
You can get some really good ideas by attending trade shows and following vendor presentations. Some are really professional and some obviously don't spend much time showing off their products. Trade magazines are also good sources for research, or just magazines in general.
If decorating bores you, or you just can't come up with any good, imaginative ideas, you may need professional help on your display. Some franchises offer this service, and some may stick to some form of display, but even the big credit card companies give store owners some room to inject their own personalities into the atmosphere of their stores. Whether or not you get professional help may depend on your self-confidence in this area, or it may depend more on your financial situation. If you can't afford outside help, brainstorm with your friends and family to come up with ideas and follow them.