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I found that Naoko's way of speaking was not natural because


I found that Naoko's way of speaking was not natural because she had been very careful to avoid some important points. Needless to say, Mulu is also an important point, but I think it's not just that she's avoiding it. She had a few things in her mind that she didn't want to say, and she kept describing little things that didn't matter. However, it was the first time Naoko had spoken so intently, so I let her go on. But when the needle pointed at eleven, I began to feel a little uneasy. Naoko has been talking for more than four hours without stopping. Concerned about the last tram and the closing time of the dormitory, I found an appropriate time to interrupt. I should go. I'm running out of cars. I looked at my watch. But Naoko didn't seem to hear me. Or you hear me, but you don't know what I mean. After a pause, she went on at once. I had no choice but to sit down again and finish the rest of the second bottle of wine. If she wants to talk, let her go on. Trams, dorms, everything, I let it go. This time, however, Naoko didn't make a long speech. By the time I realized it, she had finished. The last few words floated in midair as if they had been twisted off. To be more precise,digital whiteboard price, her words were not finished, but suddenly disappeared from nowhere. She seemed to want to go on, but she couldn't go on. Something's gone. Or maybe I made it disappear. Perhaps what I had just said finally reached her, and after a while, she finally understood, and the energy that kept her talking disappeared. Naoko gazed blankly into my eyes with her lips slightly open. She looked like a machine that was in operation but was suddenly unplugged. Her eyes were a little misty,touch screen kiosk, as if they were covered with an opaque film. "I don't want to interrupt you," I said. But it's late, and. Tears welled up from her eyes, ran down her face, and fell on the cover of the record, making a loud noise. The first drop of tears had come out of his eyes, and the next one was even more irremediable. She put her hands on the floor, hunched over, and began to cry like vomiting. It's the first time I've seen someone cry so loudly. So I quietly reached out to put my hand on her shoulder. Her shoulders trembled slightly. Almost unconsciously, I immediately held her in my arms. She trembled in my arms and wept silently. Her tears and warm breath wet my shirt, and it was very wet. Naoko's ten fingers seemed to be searching for something that had once been extremely precious and moved on my back. I supported Naoko's body with my left hand and stroked her long, soft hair with my right hand. I kept this position, digital signage kiosk ,facial recognization camera, waiting for Naoko to stop crying. But she never stopped. That night, I had sex with Naoko. I don't know if it's the right thing to do. Today, nearly twenty years later, I still don't know, and I think I will probably never know! But I had no choice but to do so at that time. She was very excited and confused, and she longed for my comfort. So I turned off the light, slowly and gently took off her clothes and my own, and hugged each other. In this warm night of rain, we are naked, but there is no slight chill. In the dark, Naoko and I explored each other quietly. I kissed her and gently covered her breasts with my hands. Naoko took hold of my stiff penis. Her vagina was already warm and moist, and she wanted me to come in. But when I got inside her, she was in a lot of pain. I immediately asked her if it was the first time, and Naoko nodded. I suddenly felt a little confused. Because I always thought that Mu Lu and Naoko had already had sex. I pushed my penis into the deepest part and just stood still, holding her for a while. After seeing her calm down, I pumped slowly and ejaculated for a long time. Finally Naoko hugged me and cried out. At the time, it was the saddest cry of orgasm I had ever heard. When everything was over, I asked Naoko why she didn't have a relationship with Mulo. But I really shouldn't have asked. Naoko immediately let go of her hand and began to cry silently again. I took the quilt out of the closet and let her sleep there. Then he smoked while looking out of the window at the incessant April rain. In the morning, the rain finally stopped. Naoko sleeps with her back to me. Maybe she's still awake, but not necessarily. But whether she was awake or asleep, she did not say a word, and her body was frozen stiff. I spoke to her several times, but she did not respond and did not move. I looked at her naked shoulders for a long time before I got up. Record covers, glasses, wine bottles and ashtrays were spread out on the floor as they had been last night. Half of the deformed birthday cake was left on the table. It seemed as if time had suddenly stood still at that moment. I gathered up the things scattered on the floor and turned on the tap to drink two glasses of water. There is a dictionary and a list of French verbs on the desk. There is a calendar on the wall in front of the desk. There were no pictures, no pictures, nothing, only numbers, and it was all white, no writing, no marks. I picked up the clothes on the ground and put them on. The front of the shirt was still cold and wet. Come forward, still can smell the taste of Naoko. I left a note on the table saying that I would talk about it when she calmed down, and I hoped that she would call me in a day or two and wish her a happy birthday. I looked over Naoko's shoulder again, then walked out of the room and closed the door gently. After a week, Naoko never called. Since Naoko's phone number could not be transferred, I went to Kokubunji Temple early Sunday morning to find her. But she wasn't there, and the nameplate that had been hanging on the door had been removed. The wooden windows are also tightly closed. After asking the administrator, I learned that she had moved out three days ago. As for where to move,touch screen digital signage, he didn't know. Back in the dormitory, I wrote a long letter and sent it to her residence in Kobe. No matter where she moves, I think the letter should be transferred to her.