Fire and Ice Chef

The strange feeling is transmitted to the mental power of Nian Bing. He clearly felt that the dark demon


The strange feeling is transmitted to the mental power of Nian Bing. He clearly felt that the dark demon rat was in the gem on the handle of the devouring demon knife. The power of the Shadow Golem has been greatly increased, which has surpassed that of any other Shadow Golem. Brother Nian Bing, what did you do! What a poor big mouse! Did you kill it? The cat looked nervously at the black figure in the air. "I don't know," said Nian Bing with a wry smile. These shadow puppets are all formed by me with energy. It was supposed to be completely under my control, but at that moment, I lost control of it, and all actions were done by it independently. However, the dark magic rat should not be dead, it seems that like your summoning, it is sealed in my devouring magic knife. Nian Bing had studied the knife carefully since he got the devouring magic knife, but he didn't get any real results. At this time, the shadow puppet with the devouring magic knife as its core suddenly appeared this kind of change, and he couldn't help feeling a little confused. Three people fell to the ground again. Nian Bing took back the other six shadow puppets. Leaving only the shadow puppet, which has almost become an entity because of its abundant energy, feeling the powerful breath released from its body, Nian Bing felt a little uneasy in his heart. Now that it is out of his control, if it is allowed to absorb the energy of other dark creatures like this,mineral flotation, will it be completely out of his control? Nope. I don't think so! Devouring magic knife has recognized itself and congealed with its own blood. It has formed a soul communication with the knife. It is impossible for it to betray itself. But what about what just happen? Nian Bing couldn't figure it out, and the unreal ice cloud on one side looked at him with a double change in his eyes, and the mysterious energy of Nian Bing made her feel discouraged. All along, she thought she was the best of the younger generation of magicians. At the beginning, she was very unwilling to lose to Nian Bing in the ring. However, the fact in front of her now is that Nian Bing is much stronger than her, especially in the strange innate field,Portable gold trommel, which seems to be more powerful than her own ice and snow goddess field, and even has a restraining effect. Nian Bing controlled the shadow puppet to make a few movements. The shadow puppet immediately executed according to his will. It seemed that there was nothing wrong with it. The mental power merged with the devouring magic knife. The divine light in Nian Bing's eyes flashed and he lightly shouted: "Let go." The black air current floated out from the handle of the devouring demon knife, and the huge figure appeared not far in front of the ice and the shadow puppet. The shadow puppet was no longer out of control, but the released dark mouse was extremely docile, lying on the ground motionless, just blinking at the huge eyes of the ice, as if waiting for orders. As soon as Nian Bing's heart moved, he said to the dark demon rat through his energy, "Go and catch some snow cocks." He wanted to see if he could control the giant rat that had been recovered by the shadow puppet. As it turned out, his experiment was successful. After receiving the order from Nian Bing, the dark mouse stood up without any hesitation, turned around and went through the big hole it came out of. His huge body disappeared in a sound of friction. The shadow puppet still stood there calmly, Portable gold trommel ,portable gold wash plant, as if everything had nothing to do with it. Nian Bing kept changing all kinds of thoughts in his heart, but he couldn't be sure what state his shadow puppet was in now. If he had his own wisdom, why could his mental power completely control it now? And can not find a sense of wisdom, devouring magic knife is still the same as usual, whether it is the handle of the gem or the whole blade, in addition to full of dark breath, and not much change. Devouring Devil Knife, Devouring Devil Knife, what secret do you have? Although Nian Bing was not sure what had happened before, he faintly felt that the change of the shadow puppet formed by the devouring magic knife must be related to the dead Black Emperor Wu. The cat looked at Nian Bing in surprise and said, "Brother Nian Bing, why did the big mouse come back?"? Why did it run away? Nian Bing said with a wry smile, "If my guess is right, I'm afraid this dark rat has been controlled by me.". My seven swords are very strange. Each one has its own special origin. I don't know why. Perhaps it is because the dark mouse belongs to the dark attribute. It is also possible that the spirit of my devouring magic knife is too strong, and I feel the breath of the dark magic rat and take it away. After a while, the huge body of the dark magic mouse came out of the ground again, holding three still alive snow cocks in its big mouth and sent them to the front of Nian Bing, once again meekly lying on the ground. Nian Bing suddenly thought, the dark magic mouse is so good at digging holes in the ground, if this advantage is made good use of. Thinking of this, he could not help showing an evil smile at the corners of his mouth. Mental power into the devouring magic knife, the dark magic mouse back, but also straight dare to shadow puppet, although there are still some doubts about the devouring magic knife, but the thought of the role of the dark magic mouse, read ice can not help but feel good, without the cat urged to act, three snow cocks quickly cleaned up under the action of ice magic, find a few branches, remove the leaves and bark above, Put on the three snow cocks. Bing went to one side of the tree and sat down. Without looking at Nian Bing, he closed his eyes and meditated. The cat's spirit was all on the three snow cocks, and the fox was even more salivating. Nian Bing smiled, set up three snow cocks and began to act. The progress of magic made him more comfortable in controlling the flame. The already matched seasonings were evenly brushed on the snow cocks and began to bake. After a while, the rich aroma filled the air, and the skin of the snow chicken gradually turned brown. The meat of the snow chicken was tender and plump, and it was one of the best cooking methods to roast it. As the aroma continued to spread, the cat jumped up and down in a hurry, expecting the snow chicken to be roasted earlier. Nian Bing roasted the snow chicken while peeking at the ice cloud not far away, as if the ice cloud did not smell the fragrance,coltan ore processing, still sitting there calmly meditating. Nian Bing had to admit that Bing Yun was definitely one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and only Feng Nu could compare with her, but she was a disciple of the enemy.