Why are there less tokens being traded on MetaMask Chrome?

On MetaMask Wallet, token exchange is simple. The users may experience some trouble while exchanging the tokens, though, as there is a potential that they may make a mistake.


Token exchange is simple with MetaMask Wallet. However, there is a probability that consumers will experience some difficulty when exchanging the tokens because of a potential error. So, if you have been using MetaMask Chrome for a while, there is a potential that you have encountered or are presently experiencing these kind of problems. Even if you haven't dealt with these problems yet, who knows? Maybe you may in the future.
Hence, this blog is about all the mistakes and their causes that a trader could encounter when exchanging tokens. A remark should be made before moving on with the content: Just the transactions that have been carried out via

Full tokens were not received

This foremost issue that is to be discussed here is that during the time of swapping, you see a different swap value in Fiat terms. If the swap has been completed successfully, the swap value is completely different from another. If you had gone through this issue or are currently facing it then given below is the list of causes for it:

Slippage Limit

All the swaps that are executed via MetaMask have a slippage limit. With the help of this limit, the users can prevent themselves from any future loss. Under this function, all the transactions that could be executed would not be completed on any price that was not below the profitable limit. Let us get to know more about it with an example, suppose you have your slippage limit set to 4% and the total number of tokens purchased is 100. In this situation, if the price changes the tokens you would get will not be less than 96. Though it is completely dependable on the slippage limit that you have set on your MetaMask Chrome account.

Impact on Price

While making a transaction it is always advised for you to check the details of the tokens you have purchased. There would be an icon of warning present right beside the price of tokens that would indicate if it has low liquidity or the order size of the tokens. It will also tell you about the estimated price drop or increase in MetaMask Chrome.

Wrapping it up

In case the swap has been executed but got failed without any relevant or noticeable reason then you should get in touch with the support team of MetaMask. Also if your swap is failed some number of ETH tokens would still be deducted on the MetaMask Chrome. Do not think that those tokens are deducted by the MetaMask for their use. Instead, the said ETH tokens are distributed to the validators for validating the transactions. Also, the traders can set the slippage limit of their account just by going to their settings option.