Lou Jian could not help shaking at the beginning, and immediately regained his calmness and nodded slightly. Huan was standing in the crowd near the corner of the stage where Lou Jian was standing. He used the method of voice transmission and said, "This decisive battle is no small matter. Is it necessary to make a move?" Lou Jian nodded his head gently, and Huan Zi added, "Brother Lou has been instructed by Elder Tan, the head of your school. Is he sure of winning?" Lou Jian shook his head. Huan Zi went on to say, "In that case, I would like to take the liberty to advise Brother Lou to hold his breath and not to make a move." Lou Jian shook his head again to show that he could not. Huan Yu said, "I have a deep understanding of Brother Wei's intentions and determination, so I admire him very much and make bold suggestions. As the saying goes, if you can't bear small things, you will mess up big plans. What do you think of Brother Lou?" Lou Jian on the stage was suddenly filled with infinite emotion, thinking that in this world, only Dan Yu was the only one who believed that he was really repentant and atoned for his sins, so he advised himself to endure humiliation, and the master and other sects could not be so open-minded and magnanimous, he wanted to tell Huan Zi that he personally thought that Huan Yu was the real patriotism, and other people were a little selfish in everything. Only Huan Yu has never thought about himself. It was a pity that he couldn't say this to Huan Yu face to face. Instead, he could only shake his head to show that he couldn't stop fighting. But Huan Yu said, "Why didn't Brother Lou swallow his pride and stay useful so that he could deal with the enemy in the future?" Lou Jian shook his head slowly with a look of pain on his face. Seeing that Huan Zi could not persuade him, he could not help sighing,Inflatable outdoor park, thinking that he had made up his mind. He was afraid that when he was defeated, I would help him, so that he would take it amiss. At this time, Yin Xiucai simply had no power to fight back. His clothes had been cut in several places by silver. Suddenly, he strode out of the drawing. His footwork was fast and slow, his body shape was uncertain, and his posture was very strange. However, he easily walked out of the country. Fang Lin could not stop him for several minutes. www/xiaoshuotxt/c o m The 22nd chapter turns the tide alone. t:xt. Small `say ". God Don In this scene,Inflatable meltdown, all the people in the audience were shocked and silent. As soon as Yin Xiucai stepped out of the World War I circle, he immediately jumped down from the stage. Fang Lin waved his sword. Prince Sa said in a loud voice, "Brother Fang, make way. It's your turn to ask Brother Lou for advice." Lou Jian was afraid that Fang Lin would be the first to make a move, so he hurried to the center of the stage. "That's great," said Hong Sheng. "My brother has been waiting here for a long time." Fang Lin had no choice but to concede a corner, but when he saw Prince Sa approaching Lou Jian, he shouted, "Be careful!" A fan point to go, the technique is extremely poisonous. Lou Jian saw the other side of the fan oncoming force, the direction is unpredictable, feel unable to dodge, the moment to use the best skill, left arm hard seal fan, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable water park factory, right hand fist power punch, but the bottom of a foot seems not hair. This move is one of the three secret moves of the Hengshan Sect. It is called Vientiane Renxu. It is specially used to defend oneself and save lives. As soon as Prince Sago basked in the sun, he changed his mind and said, "My fan style has been sent out. When you fight back with your fist or King Kong foot." Already on your left forearm, the internal force on my fan is enough to pierce the belly of an ox. Even if you have practiced Qimen Kung Fu, you can't stop the power of this.. As the mind turned, the fan had hit Lou Jian's left forearm, above the bone, but when he heard the sound of Ding, Wei Jian was not damaged. Instead, he fired his fists and feet together and seized the opportunity to counterattack. Prince Sa lost the first chance and retreated again and again. Eighty thousand people in the audience did not expect Lou Jian to gain the upper hand as soon as he started. Everyone was overjoyed and shouted and applauded loudly. It turned out that Lou Jian had a steel sleeve about four inches wide on his arm, so he dared to block a fan of Sa Ge. Lou Jian had learned from Zhu Gongxi Qujie before, but he didn't mention the copper sleeve. Even Tan Konggu didn't know, so Sa Ge would be fooled. This also serves to show that this man was sophisticated and scheming. Prince Sa used a very fast posture, and within ten strokes, he threw Wei Jian away and stood opposite him again. Lou Jian took a deep breath, raised all his strength, and then gave a loud shout. He stepped to the left. Since he stepped out to the left, he naturally lifted his left foot and stepped down to the ground. The center of gravity of his body also moved to the left. At this time, according to common sense, this left foot could not be used. However, the footwork of King Kong of the Hengshan Sect is absolutely unique in the martial arts world. It is because there is another way to exert oneself, which is quite different from other footwork. However, his left foot was swept out with an unknown shout and attacked the other side's shin. His kick was not only as strong as a mountain, but also just blocked the other side's way. Prince Sa snorted coldly and jumped up two feet, but in his heart he was greatly surprised and thought, "It's strange. This time his eyebrows don't move at all. Do you already know what's wrong with him?"? Lou Jian's castration must be fast and heavy, but the tiptoe swept to the place under the other side's feet, suddenly withdrawn, extremely fast. Prince Sa Ge landed on the stage and breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that his foot was just a response. No wonder his eyebrows did not move. Lou Jian took a step to the right, and the foot suddenly came out again. Before this happened, his right eyebrow shrugged slightly, and Prince Sago jumped over his right and fell behind him. Qunhao was greatly worried when he saw Lou Jian's footwork. Only the masters in the front seats listened to Tan Konggu's words and knew the whole story. They were not surprised. But they knew that Lou Jian was at the critical moment of life and death. They could not help being very nervous. Everyone stared at the stage with their eyes wide open. Lou Jian continued to attack a lot of big feet, fierce force, each foot speed is different, showing his profound attainments in this unique art, has reached the state of speed by heart, light and heavy. As soon as Sa Ge went in, he laughed sarcastically. Lou Jian suddenly shook his left back, but his right foot swept out at the bottom. Feet like thunder, just in the sago prince jumped, swept to the ankle, to know that sago is not jumping up, according to each other's eyebrows and points to the left and right, this time in the wrong direction, so when he jumped,large inflatable water slide, but together to each other's feet, although the difference is only a tiny line, but in their situation of such a master Is already the key to life and death. joyshineinflatables.com