It seems that Chi Aotian is very indifferent, but under this indifference, young people always respond to the weak with extreme sympathy, did not meet Amy and others before in the imperial capital, in Xilin Island, in the ice port is the same! This kind of mentality is not weaker than Amy and Daqingshan. Without the Chi Hanfeng incident, Chi Aotian's butcher's knife would not have been raised to the people who were willing to surrender. After all, not every resident of the Holy See was guilty. But this is the war, the bloody war, the so-called war is the process of turning a person who dared not kill a chicken into a butcher! Standing in front of the map, Chi Aotian issued an order word by word: "Su Wen, you lead your headquarters from the center of Luodecheng to the east, and surround all the population of all villages and towns within 80 Li; Ta Yang, you lead Qu Jianhong's troops to sweep 80 Li to the west.". Elder Qingluo, monitor the air and inform the military situation at any time. The others, go south with me. Don't get into conflict with a massive enemy. Four days later,uns c68700, all the troops gathered here again. Set out at once. In the city of Rhodes, the Iron Hand Blocked the Grand Duke of the River and watched helplessly as the iron and steel forces at the gates tore down the barracks, burned down the deer, and three black armies roared away in three directions. At this moment, the Grand Duke's palms are wet. www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com The eightieth chapter is ruthless. Small. Say 。 t! Xt-Heaven In the spring of the sixth year of the Magic Calendar, it was a terrible time for the residents of villages and towns around Road Town-in fact,x60 line pipe, most of the villagers lost the right to recall. Except for villages and towns that had surrendered before the first offensive and defensive battle of Road Town, all villages within 80 miles of Road Town as the center were listed as targets of attack. Most of these villages and towns have already known the coming disaster, the wealthy residents have already fled, and most of the remaining residents have already thought of countermeasures-surrender can survive, no one is foolish enough to play with their own lives. Unfortunately, when the residents took the initiative to open the wooden doors of the town, they were pushed into the square by the soldiers. The Black Dragon Knights, of course, will not take the blame themselves. The reason is ready-made: originally, with the Bodhisattva heart of Chi Aotian (the same description as the ghost), all villages and towns that surrender can be saved. However, uns c70600 ,316ti stainless steel, because the defenders of Road Town do not surrender, the general is forced to drive the people to attack the city. The knights deliberately concealed the news that the Grand Duke of Iron Hand had led his troops to the war. Only then did the expectant residents realize that their foolish actions just now were like inviting the wolf into the house-letting these unarmed residents attack Road Town, which was no different from killing the town directly. Some bold young people even said something like this in front of the aggressors: "If I had known this, I might as well have fought to the death and not let you in.." Most of the voices suddenly broke off. The Black Knight's Moon Scimitar flew across the sky, and the young head flew high with a strong hatred. The cold words rang out in the shrill voice of the town residents: "The villages and towns that dare to resist have died long ago!"! There is still a way to help the siege, otherwise, now is a dead end. Those who are willing to participate in the siege activities stand on the left, and those who are unwilling to stay where they are! The frightened crowd stumbled and rolled to the left, and the knights jumped off their horses and, together with the allies, tied a finger-thick brown rope to the left arm of the inhabitants one by one. Every 10 people chose a long one, and the long one was immediately given a sword. Anyone who dares to escape will be killed immediately without any formalities. Otherwise Run away and kill the other nine! A total of 10 teams were tied to each big rope, and one of the hundred leaders was selected, which was held by the allies. The hundred leaders had the right of life and death to their subordinates. If they found anyone running away, they did not need to report to their superiors to kill them immediately. As long as 10 subordinates of the head of a hundred run away, the head of a hundred will be cut down. At the time of siege, the centurion team was also used as the smallest unit allocated. In the midst of weeping, white-haired old women, children of seven or eight years old who are not yet sensible, and beautiful young women are tightly tied together by long ropes like rice dumplings, while men in the prime of life are tied alone in another team. The Black Armor Knight did not shy away from saying the purpose of such separate treatment-anyone who dares to escape, once found, without asking any reason, first kill his family, and then pursue the fugitive. The smell of terror and death is always hanging over it. Beg, whether to the Creator or to the goddamn light, to let you live. Lord Ben solemnly declares that the residents who eventually return to their villages alive will have all the property of the dead. The stone-hearted soldiers spread similar vicious words around Road Town. There are always some lucky residents who are lucky enough to escape under the iron heel of the black-clad demon, and most of the residents run to Road Town to cry. The bad news soon reached the psyche of every resident of Road Town. Cities like Road Town and Broken Ice Harbor are very similar. Most of the ancestors of urban residents live in nearby towns and have more or less relatives. This kind of news is undoubtedly a fatal blow to the morale of the local soldiers guarding the city, especially those assisting the residents guarding the city. Count Mingfa died in battle, and the master of Chengshoufu had been replaced by the Grand Duke of the Iron Hand. The Earl's body was still lying in the backyard, waiting for the Earl's immediate family who had successfully defeated the enemy to bury it in person. This was also the meaning of the commander of the bloody fighters and mercenaries, and the Grand Duke even closed his eyes for the count himself. Lord Duke, why didn't you stop the rioters from breaking into Rhodes? What manner is it for the inhabitants to weep on the wall? Why not cut off the heads of a few rioters and make an example of them? Lavada, the papal envoy, was livid and harassing the Grand Duke like a hundred thousand whys. You can't blame the envoy for losing his cool. The constant sighs and low cries are the most likely to disturb the morale of the troops. In many wars, the instability of the morale of the troops is the main factor in defeat. Otherwise,316l stainless steel pipe, tens of thousands of years ago, soldier saint Han Xin also can't be in the war with besieged Leng Sheng put the overlord Xiang Yu hundreds of thousands of iron courage and loyalty of the army singing fell apart, defeated. Chi Aotian's strategy is really easy to be seen by the general. But what if you see it? Really cut down a few soldiers and residents.