"What are you going to do?" "I don't know, to be honest, I'm at a loss." Her vulnerability and helplessness were all written on her face. Do you want me to help you deal with these people? Lei Chenqing asked casually. OK? Are you really willing to help me with this again? "Before she finished speaking, she suddenly closed her mouth.". When did she get used to asking him for help when she was most helpless? And in the office, whenever there was any difficult situation, her first reaction was to pick up the phone and ask him for advice. I will help you deal with these people, so that they are convinced of you and obedient to your instructions. "Thank you." She deliberately lowered her voice and said in a low voice, "I will give you what you want when Lufa Construction wins the bid." "Oh?"? Like what? ' His eyes suddenly became hot. I What did you say? Speak up, I didn't hear you! "I said — I will give myself to you." Yong Qing was ashamed and angry, and gnashed her teeth to finish. Lei Chenqing showed a playful smile and did not answer again. After the tender for the bot Maglev project and the contractor's construction plan were handed over, the whole construction of Lufa was filled with a tense atmosphere. Employees are waiting for the day of bid opening. "For them, BOT is not only a major project this year, but also the main goal of Lufa Construction and Operation in the next few years, because Lufa Construction has always been engaged in the construction of traditional buildings,a333 grade 6 pipe, such as the construction of MRT Maglev, which is the first time.". During this period, Yong Qing's heart was also at sixes and sevens. And a month later, news of victory finally came. Miss Ji, Miss Ji,x60 line pipe, we won the bid! The government has just sent someone to inform us, and has also sent out official documents and letters to confirm that we have won the bid for Lufa Construction! Is it really us? Are you sure? It's really us, no mistake! You see General Manager Xu waved the document and handed it to Yongqing. Yong Qing surveyed the document, the bottom of her eyes filled with a touch of excitement, tears poured into her eyes, she murmured: "We really won the bid, we really won the bid." "Yes!"! But strange to say, I heard that Mr. Moir of Germany and Mr. Hano of Japan announced that they had abandoned the bid at the last minute before the bidding, so it means that only our Lufa Construction participated in the bidding. I see! So this is the final answer to the riddle! Yong Qing was very surprised. Why did the representatives of Germany and Japan back down at the last moment? Is it related to Lei Chenqing again? Did he tell them to back out? Today is the weekend, and it is also the joint celebration banquet of Xiangsheng Full Control and Lufa Construction. The banquet was held in the social hall on the third floor of Jinding Hotel, 316 stainless steel plate ,uns s32750 sheet, a five-star international hotel. Today, all the participants had a happy expression on their faces, as if they were having a happy event at home. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a happy event for our own family. We all thought that the bot case was bound to go through a fight, but we didn't expect to get it so soon. President Lei, I didn't expect that the girl of the Ji family really has two brushes! Not only will the bot case be captured, but also the battle will be fought in style! A senior director came over with a glass of wine and a laugh. Director Yan, I said you should have some confidence in her. Lei Chen held the wine glass in his left hand and said with a smile. These people saw Yongqing achieve a great event, but now they regard her as a treasure and come closer one after another. Why hasn't Miss Ji arrived yet? Director Yan looked forward to the seat at the door. What's the matter? Director Yan has something to do with her? Lei Chenqing sneered in the bottom of his heart. I have a son who has just returned from studying in Germany recently. If Miss Ji is willing to do me a favor, I would like to arrange for them to have a meal. I wonder if President Lei can help me pull strings? "You have to ask Miss Ji what she means." He responded with an expressionless face. "That's right, eh-say everyone!" As soon as Yan Dong saw Yong Qing appear at the door, he immediately greeted her with joy. Lei Chenqing turned his body, and when he saw Ji Yongqing's figure, a touch of stunning color passed through his calm eyes. Ji Yongqing wears a light pink satin strapless dress tonight, revealing a slender neck and snow-white shoulders. Under the knee-length skirt is a pair of well-proportioned white calves. The overall feeling is very sexy and elegant. Unexpectedly, Ji Yongqing, who has always given people a conservative and dignified feeling, can also touch the top with sexy elegance. With a smile on his face, Lei Chenqing put down his wine glass and strode in the direction of Ji Yongqing. As soon as Yongqing entered the hall, she was surrounded by many men whose names she could not name. She struggled to search for Lei Chenqing's figure through the gap between their bodies. After a long time, Yongqing finally saw him, and an inexplicable palpitation rose from the bottom of her heart. Hey, it's a big night, isn't it? She walked up to him and said with a smile. Your PR department did a great job with the victory dinner. "No, it's because we won the bid smoothly, so everyone's mood is particularly good." She smiled uncomfortably, and seeing that he still did not speak, she added awkwardly, "What about you?"? How are you feeling? "Not bad." He mentioned it in a few short words. Oh. She pursed her lips, not knowing what to say, but felt that her heart was beating so fast that she was very nervous. Tonight is the day she fulfills her promise. She is a little frightened and helpless. This is her first night. It is natural to feel fear and fear. Why don't you speak? What are you worried about? He grinned, an evil smile full of teasing. Looking at his smile, Yongqing's heart kept going up, almost jumping out of her throat! "Follow me!" He put his hand on her waist and half forced her to the balcony behind the banquet hall. Don't- "Yong Qing's face is frightened,uns s31803 sheet, but how can her strength stop Lei Chenqing?". Lei Chenqing obviously understood her fear of being caught, and the moment she stepped onto the balcony, she conveniently put down the curtains on both sides of the balcony to cover their figures. What do you have to say here? Yong Qing is the knot of Qi. lksteelpipe.com