Li Hong replied, "This is what our Jiro ordered.". This is called a nutrition bowl, and there is a lot of fertilizer in it. Another advantage, Crown Prince, you see, this kind of crop has strong roots. If it is planted directly in the field, the mud on the top of the field is soft. It will only develop along the top. The absorption of the field is limited, and it is easy to be blown down by the wind. But now with this bowl, its taproot is forced downward. And this kind of bowl is also good for the growth of seedlings. It's all a good idea. Why can't wheat sorghum do this? "Crown Prince, the roots of each crop are different, and the situation is different." Li Hong giggled. It seems that the crown prince is not as good at crops as he is. So when can we see it mature? It's still early. But it's about to be moved to the big field. At this point, Li Hong changed the subject and said, "Crown Prince, the maidservant will show you a few more things." "All right, you lead the way." The 800 novel network is A group of people are in high spirits, Wang Hua's words are not much, but he gives a very heavy evaluation to this kind of crop. According to the present reputation of Wang Hua, since this important evaluation has been given, no one dares not pay attention to it. They came to a farm, this is also belongs to Li Xian's imperial village, now for cotton, are temporarily handed over to Lu Ergou and Li Hong management. Not only the farm, including the fields, but also the people in the village. He went into a small room in the farm, where there were several sacks of things. When Lu Ergou heard of their arrival,Faux cherry blossom tree, he hurried to greet them. After all, unlike Li Hong, who had followed Wang Hua for many years, when he saw Li Xian and Wei Shi, he was still nervous and did not know what kind of gift to give. "Don't be nervous, Lu Zhuangshi," said Li Xian. I heard that you had a lot of hard work to find this kind of thing. I thank you very much. "The little ones dare not." Lu Ergou said and opened the sack, revealing a large mass of snow-white cotton. Li wrapped a big ball in his hand and said, "It's so soft and warm.". Is it the little thing that grew in the field just now? Li Hong nods say: "Yes,silk ficus tree, it is it opens come out, blossom first, grow fruit next, the thing that spits out inside fruit is this.". It has a great use. As he spoke, he said to Lu Ergou, "Why don't you take the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess to visit?" "Yes," Lu Ergou answered. "Please come with the younger one." He was led to another empty room, in which there were several things. Lu Ergou shouted, and a few servants came over. After seeing him, Lu Ergou said, "You operate it and let the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess have a look." Several servants immediately brought a large ball of cotton and put it on the spinning wheel, which was also very simple. At this point, Wang Hua had no choice but to simply draw a rough model. Then the mechanic continues to improve. Although not very scientific, but can draw out the cotton yarn, can also weave cloth, even because his model map theory is more advanced, coupled with the improvement of many technicians, artificial banyan trees ,silk cherry blossom tree, can not catch up with Huang Daopo, but much more advanced than those rough spinning wheels in the Tang Dynasty. The spinning wheel began to buzz, and after a long time, a snow-white cloth was finally formed in front of everyone's eyes. These people grew up in the palace courtyard, will see this kind of operation, see with relish. And pick it up and play with it carefully. "There is another use," said Lu Ergou. Said, let the person under the quilt cover, and stuffed into a cotton overcoat. Webster's eyes were already lit up. "How much does it yield?" She asked eagerly. "One mu of farmland has several hundred catties.". The main thing is that it does not pick fields, it needs very little water, and it can also be planted in dry land. Our family Erlang said, especially in Longyou, Anxi Frontier Command, Beiting Frontier Command, where can be planted. And where there is plenty of sunshine, it is the most suitable place for planting. Webster's eyes were brighter. But the news can't be released, "Li Hong looked at her eyes and knew what she was thinking.". Crown Princess, also want to compete with the people, fortunately Erlang told in advance. "Once released, there will be a lot of controversy," she said. It's just a few profits. We must wait for it to mature and then give it to His Majesty to deal with. Webster pondered and understood. Compared with some money in the family, I don't know how important it is to win the emperor's heart. She said, "If this thing is successful, Gu and the prince will certainly repay your Jiro in the future." "Is it important?" Li Baoer still didn't understand. That is, when she lived in Fangzhou, she was just worried that Lao Wu would kill her family, and she had no worries about food and clothing. Li Hong replied, "Your Highness, it's very important.". Now the people of Dazhou in the north are coming in winter. What are they covering? Hemp and hides. But how many families are willing to use the precious animal skins? He had to make a heated Kang and stayed at home and dared not go out. If there are cotton-padded clothes and quilts, many people will not be frozen. Moreover, it is not too picky, the people also have an income. There are also remote areas, because of the cultivation of this plant, large families are bound to cultivate, but also a large number of immigrants. With more immigrants, the border will naturally be enriched. Also, if soldiers have this kind of cotton-padded clothes, they can extend their combat time. In short, the benefits are too numerous to count. "Well, you and Lu Zhuangshi will guard the farm for Gu," Li Xian said happily. Crown prince, please rest assured, this matter can not only help the crown prince, but also benefit the country and the people. But the crown prince, the maidservant has something to say. "Go ahead." "When Jiro left, he said again and again that the emperor was very kind to him now, and he was very young.". Therefore, he did not want to let the emperor move too much, so as not to be hated. But also for the crown prince, so this matter, can not say is Jiro's idea, can only say that the crown prince in Fangzhou heard, specially from the south to find this plant. Once it matures, we have to get out of here. He also told the servants in the farm not to reveal the matter to outsiders. Although Li Xian is not as wise as Li Dan, he is not a fool. The reason for Wang's painting is secondary,decorative palm trees, mainly to help himself make outstanding contributions and lay the foundation for his future accession to the throne. He nodded and said, "I know." After sitting down and drinking tea for a while, the party took their leave with great interest.