Blood flower. Blood flower

Suddenly, there was a light sound in the pond, and a burst of gravel fell from the cliff and fell into the pond, causing countless ripples.


Suddenly, there was a light sound in the pond, and a burst of gravel fell from the cliff and fell into the pond, causing countless ripples. Ximen Piao suddenly raised his eyes. There were several big trees growing on both sides of the pond. Their branches and leaves stretched across and connected with each other, covering the pond like an umbrella. This branch and leaf cut off people's vision, so that people can no longer look up. But anyone could imagine that these trees and the thick foliage that covered the pond were the shortest way to the top of the cliff. Ximen Piao did not hesitate. He saw the nearest tree and jumped up. Sure enough, he and Hu Yanming climbed the cliff easily from the big tree and the dense branches and leaves. Although the top of the dense branches and leaves is still two or three feet high and short, anyone who practices martial arts can jump up from the dense branches and leaves. The top of the cliff is a piece of gravel, people will touch some gravel on the edge of their feet, even Ximen Piao and Hu Yanming are no exception. Climbing to the top of the cliff, I saw a gravel field facing half of the mountain. There were several dark and deep caves on the mountain wall. There were cliffs on both sides of the mountain wall and there was no way to go. The situation is obvious enough. Ximen Piao snorted coldly, "I don't know if these caves are connected. I'll go in and search them, and you'll guard them outside. As soon as you see the man coming out, you'll call out to me. Do you hear clearly?" Huyan Mingwei leaned forward and said, "My subordinates have heard clearly." Then he reached out and pulled out his sharp axe from his waist. Ximen Piao turned to look at the mountain wall and secretly sneered, "See where you are still running away." He stepped forward and forced his way over. The knife was held in front of his chest, and his body and the body of the knife showed a murderous look. He just took a step out. Suddenly, a deep voice came out from a hole in front of him: "Ximen Piao,Flushometer valve, stop." Ximen flutters the beard to send one, the eye flashes sharply, did not answer, still stepped to force the past. The voice went on to say, "Ximen Piao, I'm interested in repaying my old debt. I want to talk to you about terms. If you don't stop, I'll change my mind and go through the exit on the other side of the mountain." Ximen Piao gave a sneer and said,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, "Shameless man, you are still playing tricks. If there were an exit on the other side of the mountain, how could you stay in the cave and wait for me?" "You're wrong, Ximen Piao," the voice said. "In those days, you and I were both swords and swords, and it was hard to tell them apart. In the past twenty years, although you were determined to take revenge and practiced your swordsmanship in the old city, I worked very hard to prevent you from coming back, and my cultivation was better than before. Now you and I are still too close to each other. I'm not afraid of you. You can try it if you don't believe me." As soon as the words fell, a strong wind suddenly rushed out of the hole in front of him and hit the west gate. Ximen Piao is a great expert, how can not see the strength of the wind? In a hurry, he stepped across and dodged, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Self-closing Faucet, and the strong wind passed by, bringing up a piece of gravel and rushing down the cliff. "How about Ximen Piao?" Asked the man in the cave. Ximen Piao didn't dare to go any further for a while, but it turned out that the man in the cave was indeed better than he had been in the past, and that his skill was indeed too close to compete with that of the future. He turned his green eyes and said, "If you're not afraid of me, why did you turn around and run away after you pulled your fingers?" The man in the cave sighed softly, "That's because I don't want to see my son. Everything in the past year has been exposed by you on the spot. What face do I have to see him? It's better to let him think I'm dead." "Do you know shame, too?" Asked Simon. "Everyone has a sense of shame," said the man in the cave. "I made a big mistake in those days. Now it's too late to regret." "Regret won't save you," said Simon Piao. "I'm not going to save myself," said the man in the cave. "Otherwise I wouldn't be here waiting for you." "Others don't know," said Ximen Piao with a sneer. "I know you very well. Don't play crafty in front of me. Since you are better than you were, why are you still hiding from my son?" The man in the cave sighed, "Ximen Piao, I'm not even afraid of you.". How can I be afraid of your son? Although he is not my own flesh and blood, I have been in love with his biological mother for several years, and he was brought up by me. I have some father-son relationship with him. I couldn't bear to hurt his mother and son again, but I couldn't stop his mother and son from reaching out to me for revenge day by day. I had no choice but to do so. I thought I could get rid of all the grudges as soon as I died. Who knows that man is not as good as God, and God won't let me go. At this time, you came to the Central Plains to get out of trouble in the ancient lost city. You want to claim the debt I owe you from my own flesh and blood. If I were really dead, I would not be able to see my son pay this shameful and dirty debt for me since I am still alive, so I brought you to this lonely place to talk to you. "What do you want to talk to me about?" Asked Simon Piao. The man in the cave said, "I'll talk to you about the terms. I'll repay this old debt that has been in arrears for nearly twenty years. Your father and son will let go of my own flesh and blood and stay away from my'Sword Village '.." Ximen Piao said, "It's a matter of course to kill for your life and pay for your debts. What else do you want to talk to me about?" "That's not what I said, Ximen Piao," said the man in the cave. "Of course, it's a matter of course to kill for your life and repay your debts. But it's better to live than to die. Even the mole ants live in vain, not to mention the people who are the spirits of all things."? If I refuse to pay my debts and join hands with my son, who is also known as the'Excalibur ', it is still unknown who will die in the fight, don't you think? Ximen Piao did not know what he was thinking, but ignored him and did not speak. "Think about it, Ximen Piao," said the man in the cave. "I've paid your debt, and my son's lover has been taken away by your son. Your father and son don't suffer losses. They don't want the debt. Why do you have to force me to repudiate it?" Simon gave a sneer and said, "It's a very nice thing to say, but if I nod my head, can you trust me?" The man in the cave said, "If I borrow a word from you just now, people don't know you. I know you very well. Although you are ferocious and vicious, you always have a promise. As long as you nod your head, I can absolutely trust you." Ximen Piao was silent for a moment. Suddenly he nodded and said,Flush valve price, "Well, for the sake of your bringing up my son, I promise you." 。