Transform a beautiful man

"Nothing." I tried not to laugh. " Say If a hero doesn't suffer immediate losses, I'll say it. I wonder what will happen to the child I gave you.


"Nothing." I tried not to laugh. " Say If a hero doesn't suffer immediate losses, I'll say it. I wonder what will happen to the child I gave you. The corners of the national teacher's mouth were twitching, and his face was so ugly! What the national teacher is thinking now is: What on earth is this woman thinking? The face changes so fast, and it's so weird!) "Didn't you resist it before?" The national teacher thought for a long time and finally squeezed out such a sentence. Is there? I played dumb and said, "No." I refuse to admit it. What have you done with me? "Do you want children?" The national teacher smiled very brightly, which made me feel that it was absolutely not that simple! "Yes." It's either "yes" or "no". Fifty, fifty. Just say it. I want to know the right answer. I won't let you give birth! I'll *** you for at least a few years. You wait! His smile was so treacherous! I'm vomiting blood! "You!" But too much medicine will affect the body, ah, you are careful that my body is bad, you will lose your children and grandchildren in the future, and you will die without children! I'll do it! "Do you think I'll only marry you?" Ah! Miscalculation! (A thunderclap comes down) …… Oh, yes, it's not monogamy here, and even in modern times,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, I can't help keeping mistresses and having illegitimate children. How interesting (Absence) "But don't worry, I'm just using magic. Have you forgotten that I'm a national teacher?" "Oh, that too." Go along with that, I don't believe it! I'm not a superstition! = = "Even your rebirth is my magic." Terrified!!! What? I crossed because of you?! "I died before?" You have to pay a high price to bring the dead back to life! I have seen too much animation, and I know it is impossible! Exchange of equal value! Difficulty with blood sacrifice? Nausea! (No responsibility to guess) "Yes.". The emperor and I have been fighting for the world's most beautiful you, but only because you died of terminal illness,push button toilet flush valve, and as a condition to save you, you have to marry me, this is the agreement with the emperor. The corners of my mouth began to twitch, what? So there is such a thing. Even my life is a condition! You really love me! Just when I wanted to get angry, I thought of another point-two men fighting like this, in a sense, absolutely promising! How interesting "Hey.." I've never seen anyone actually let their wife meet an old lover on the second day of marriage. I yawned-I really didn't get much sleep last night, and I was rather restless! Sure enough, a spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold! I've learned a lot now-if you don't hurry up, you won't get enough sleep! "The other side is the emperor, Self-closing Shower Valve ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, so I have to go.". Besides, you're already my man. He said it very easily. = =+ What about our honeymoon? I pulled his long black hair and put my arms around his waist. Really not generally handsome! That perfect face, that perfect figure, can make how many small attacks intoxicated. (Some meal: Take the paper towel.) “……” Obviously, Xianggong was not used to this, and was quite puzzled by my question. "Do you want to go so much?" You really don't understand women's hearts! There is no interest at all! I thought to myself, this little boy who doesn't understand romance, is it better to be strong to him? What flowers before and under the moon, all useless! It's better to give him a knife than to try to catch him. You never follow it? Never cut you down! …… = =||||||||| "I don't understand you." Xianggong said so. What I asked strangely. Don't you? After coming back to life, you are like a new person, and I wonder if you have made a mistake! "Oh!"! So you made a mistake! You said you were a national teacher! How awesome you are! “…… So you really got the wrong soul? Xianggong is sweating. |||||||||| Yeah, you just found out now? Stupid! I stepped on him inappropriately. ……” Xianggong's face twitched. Chapter 4 Your Majesty According to the agreement between Xianggong and the emperor, the couple went to the emperor's palace on the outskirts of the city. How gorgeous the decoration of the other palace is, how fine and lifelike the carvings of every door and window are, how unique the design of the courtyard is, how golden the interior is.. In short, two words- "luxury"! It's just another palace! Like the whole world knows you're rich! A complete exploiter! Full of disdain, he headed for a pavilion locked by the emperor in the courtyard. Some meal: This is some poor person's biased view, is different with the general likes the emperor class the same person female. See the emperor in the distance-a ball of gold. = =||||||||||||| Even the holidays do not forget to declare their identity, hate this kind of person. Came to the front of the emperor, followed Xianggong to pay his respects, but still did not see the opposite face of the pig dressed in dazzling gold-covered by the golden light. = =|||||||||||| But it's just a pig. It doesn't matter if you don't look at it! I began to scatter my eyes and unconsciously explore all kinds of small attacks and small sufferings around me. "Fei Yan, Fei Yan!" Fei Yan!.. There seems to be a buzzing sound in my ears, which is uncomfortable! Don't disturb this young lady to do business! "Fei Yan!" The face is twisted forcibly to somebody, I just came to one's senses dejectedly: "How?"? Xianggong? My husband looked at me with an indifferent face and said helplessly, "The emperor asked you something." "Oh," I turned to the emperor. "Forgive the rudeness of the grass people. What does the emperor want to know?" “……” It was clear that the emperor was very unhappy, and it took him a long time to say something that was not up to standard, "How do you feel recently?" "All right, thank you for your concern." Boring, I have the impulse to yawn. |||||||||||| "Fei Yan seems to have changed, not the same as before." Said the emperor. Uh My husband is embarrassed to say that he made a mistake, right? Good, I will save you: "Your Majesty,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, people always have to change, is not it?" "Oh, well." It's just that his personality has changed a lot. "Hasn't the emperor ever heard of a great change in temperament after a serious illness?" "Uh.." Maybe it's true. 。