But now the emperor expressed dislike, as a cautious person, she will never give up the constant jump, to test the bottom line of the emperor. It is impossible to give up like this. In the end, I am not willing to give up. Bo Taifei said, "Well, when that girl comes, you can treat her better and follow her path. Maybe you can get into Your Majesty's eyes." Look, there is no bright flower in this palace that can last for a long time. This is an effort to spend a lot of money to maintain that face. With the passage of time, beauty will slowly pass away. And the same face, see more will always be tired, there are more fresh flowers into the palace, will attract the eyes of the emperor. It is said that there are three palaces, six courtyards, seventy-two imperial concubines, and three thousand harem beauties. As long as the emperor wants, all kinds of bright colors will come into the palace. So don't be sincere to the emperor, but let the other side believe that he is dead set on loving him. Men treat women as fools, but on the other hand, sober women only treat men as tools to climb up. Like the Queen Tian, who died young,Magnetic Drain Plug, she never had any love for the late emperor. Bo Taifei's niece nodded. "Don't worry, aunt. I will." After going to Bo Taifei, Qiao Qing went to Lady Zhen. She told Mrs. Zhen directly that she was going to posthumously confer the title of Empress Dowager on Concubine Bo, and also told her about the position of the emerging princess. Lady Zhen asked curiously, "Does Your Majesty want to be a princess?" Why didn't she know what the emperor knew outside? A poor young girl. What are you thinking? Qiao Qing said, "Didn't I tell you before that if I want women to have more rights, this princess will be the spokesman for medical women?" Ordinary people absolutely dare not easily blame the emperor's daughter, even if they raise their faces and do skittish things in people's mouths,Steel investment casting, no one will speak ill of the princess on the surface. The thin imperial concubine became the thin queen mother, supports the medical woman, this belongs to attacks the bottom from the height. If Qiao Qing wants to speak ill of the medical woman, he is accusing the princess of being wrong, and he is accusing the emperor of being wrong. No matter what these people think in their hearts, at least on the surface, they must be politically correct, and as some words are said, those who do not believe will gradually feel that it is true. What Qiao Qing is doing now is to plan for his own future. Of course, she has not yet disclosed her identity, even at that time, it will only let the civil and military officials know, that is, not to say directly, but can vaguely let them guess some. Or she can even wear beautiful dresses, Stainless steel foundry ,socket screw plug, for example, the emperor can be said to have added a strange love of women's clothes. Men in order to maintain their power and status, will not easily ask the emperor to verify the body, if the disadvantages are far greater than the advantages, she did not have the need to tell the world. But at that time, the power in her hands must be enough to guarantee her position and safety. Open risk is great, after all, she is disgraceful, if the first emperor knew Qiao Qing is a daughter, simply will not make her crown prince, needless to say to leave the throne to her, do not kill the daughter is estimated to be kind to the child. This is easy to attack, and the history books will use her daughter's body as a raft. If there is really an empress, it can be her daughter, a legitimate empress. If an unswerving emperor in the court must make his daughter emperor, of course, he may be dissuaded by his courtiers. But in the final analysis, the throne belongs to her, and she can give it to whoever she wants. If there are any thorns and obstacles ahead, she can cut them down. Lady Zhen stayed in the palace, or feel a little bored, if you can enter the court as an official, I think Zhen Ji did not have the ability to seal the king and worship the prime minister. Lady Zhen laughed loudly. "I don't want to be a civil servant in the court. I just want to fight on the battlefield." Women can do the same things that men can do. Men have a desire for power, and women have the same. The struggle between the back house, in fact, is sometimes not more cruel than the court, but because of their own identity, they are detained in that small side of the world, can only be around such a man, fighting for a life-and-death. "If you can make great military exploits and win the title, I will personally send you out of the palace at that time." "Can I leave my title to my children?" "You're not." Qiao Qing hesitated to speak. When Queen Tian chose the person to help serve her daughter, she was naturally very selective. She deeply knows that some women will change their minds when they have men and children. Because of the weakness, it is easy to be seized and betray the old master. So Mrs. Zhen can't bear children, and she won't have her own children in her life. I just thought that if I entered the battlefield, the soldiers who died in the battlefield would still have children at home. She actually likes children very much, and this is because of Qiao Qing. In order to cultivate her loyalty, Empress Tian actually took her into the Prince's East Palace very early. When I first entered the palace, I looked at the emaciated prince and felt pity for the girl who was thin and carrying such a terrible secret. If she can't raise the prince's children, then she will really become a female general, and it's good to raise the children who have lost their parents. Naturally. At that time, she would decree that not only the emperor, but also the marquises and princes, whose daughters would have the right to inherit the titles. And not every man does not love his daughter, like the kind of only daughter, do not want their own daughter to inherit the title of female household. When it comes to equality and inequality, people's hearts are biased. Where the buttocks sit, the head will think. From a certain point of view,deep draw stamping, the child born by the daughter must be the seed of their old X family. For those old and stubborn people who attach importance to blood relationship and inheritance, they can be persuaded to stand in line from this aspect. If it is good for them anyway, they are willing to promote the implementation of this law. It is difficult and time-consuming to select some women from those poor families and cultivate wonderful and beautiful people. autoparts-dx.com