Jiuque Fenghua

Wang Zangfeng smiled. Since he could not die, he would not die. He would like to see if the holier-than-thou regent was really broad-minded enough to tolerate an assassin who tried his best to assassinate himself and almost succeeded to live, and let the tiger go back to the mountains.


Wang Zangfeng smiled. Since he could not die, he would not die. He would like to see if the holier-than-thou regent was really broad-minded enough to tolerate an assassin who tried his best to assassinate himself and almost succeeded to live, and let the tiger go back to the mountains. He really let the assassin go to the battlefield to kill the enemy and render meritorious service. Wang Zangfeng threw his pike to the ground. He looked at Yu Wenchu lightly and said, "The regent is broad-minded. Wang will wait and see!" But you can't have a chance until you survive, otherwise everything is just empty talk. Yu Wenxin was so shocked that he rushed over and kicked Wang Zangfeng in a rage: "Give me a good beating of this sinister villain who is plotting against the law, and pull him down and lock him up!"! Torture and find out his accomplices! As a matter of course, Wang Zangfeng suffered enough. He did not beg for mercy, he quietly looked at Yu Wenchu, and General Min Hongwen, who stood motionless in the distance and watched quietly. General Min Hongwen was disfigured by the raid just now. He didn't know where his helmet had gone. He was also decorated. Half of his gray beard was burned, and half of his face was covered with blood and mud. No one knows that Min Hongwen is the main planner and implementer of the incident, he arranged everything, and followed Yu Wenchu's side, quietly ready to accompany Yu Wenchu to die, now he is standing here again, waiting for a suitable opportunity to give Yu Wenchu a fatal blow. Generally speaking, people are more likely to trust those who have just experienced life and death with themselves, and Yu Wenchu seems to be no different from ordinary people. He began to count the generals who had just escaped from the platform with him, including General Min Hongwen, who was in a mess. General Min Hongwen was the oldest and the most seriously injured, and his reputation was still very high, so he naturally got more care from Yu Wenchu. After appeasing General Min, Yu Wenchu turned around and asked Ye Xiu, who had hurried over. This is the time, Wang Zangfeng thought. He gave himself a bet, if Yu Wenchu can successfully escape the third murder,iron nail machine, then he is dead set on the battlefield to kill the Huns, the Zhongshan rebels and the Huns out of Daxia! Min Hongwen moved. This seems to be the last chance for the empress Dowager and the Orthodox, otherwise what else can they do? Min Hongwen shouted Yu Wenchu: "Your Highness!"! Will have something to say at the end! With one hand, he grabbed Yu Wenchu's arm, and with the other hand, he used all his strength to stab Yu Wenchu with a poisonous knife. Knife is a special knife, quenched poison, blowing hair is broken, see blood seal throat, strive to even if a blow can not be fatal, it is also as much as possible to let Yu Wenchu hurt a little more serious. Ye Xiu's reaction is very quick, Yu Wenchu's reaction is also very quick, but the tip of the knife still pierced the light armor, cut the skin. Min Hongwen, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Iron Nail Making Machine, based on his own experience, knew that Yuwen had been recruited in junior high school, and it was impossible for him to go any further. He was severely pushed to the ground, and he did not forget to look up at Yuwen and smile. We shall meet soon, Your Highness. Min Hongwen is ready to bite the poison pill hidden in his mouth and report to the King of Hell first. By the way, wait for Yu Wenchu. But the red-eyed Ye Xiu knocked him out first and found the poison pill from his mouth. Yu Wenchu reached out his hand and touched it on his waist. When he saw the blood, he quietly motioned to several people nearby to keep quiet. He said calmly, "Clean up the usurper, rest on the spot, and continue the drill later." Yu Wenxin shouted loudly with red eyes to pass down the order, Yu Wenchu calmly walked a few laps, accepted everyone's condolences, showed enough face, soothed enough people before slowly retreated to the camp to rest. Jiang Zhouzi went out to see a doctor and didn't come back. Yu Wenxin disliked the slow action of the military doctor. The temporary guest doctor stripped off Yu Wenchu's armor and inner clothes. Yu Wenchu was very funny: "It's just a little injury. There's no need to be so nervous." Sure enough, it was only a minor injury. A stitch and a bandage were enough. Yu Wenxin breathed a sigh of relief and asked in a murderous manner, "Have all Min Hongwen's accomplices been arrested?" Ye Xiu came in quickly from the outside and asked Yu Wenchu with an ugly face to lie down and wait for Jiang Zhouzi to come back. Because according to the latest news he got, the knife Min Hongwen used to carry out the assassination was specially made, and the more he moved, the more severe the attack, and the more incurable it was. Yu Wenchu did not dare not listen. He ordered Ye Xiu: "How could the princess let you come to report? Tell me slowly." At this moment, he was suddenly a little afraid, but he could not show it. Even if he was going to die in the next moment, he could only pretend that nothing had happened and was not afraid at all. And the pearl and the two children are the forces that keep him calm and calm. Ye Xiu's eyes were red, and it was not easy for him to stabilize his mind. He vividly and personally told the Pearl how to tell Donghui at that time. He also took the initiative to add a lot of words, such as "The princess misses your Highness very much", "The princess regards the flower ball presented by your Highness as a treasure, and no one is allowed to touch it", "The princess hopes that your Highness will go back soon". Yu Wenchu is funny, but also feel depressed, he carefully felt the body feedback to him: "I feel very good, there is no uncomfortable feeling.". Are you sure there's something else wrong with that knife? Ye Xiu reminded him softly, "Your Highness, have you forgotten what Min Hongwen told you?" Min Hongwen said to him at the last moment, "We will meet soon, Your Highness." Yu Wenchu was silent and began to prepare for the worst, and then he felt that the most sorry person was Pearl. He dotes on her, loves her, and marries her regardless of everything, but she really hasn't lived with him for a few days. She seems to have enjoyed all the wealth, but she has also experienced danger and pain. At the moment, she was still there guarding the empress Dowager, ready to make the final negotiations in the worst case. Yu Wenxin jumped: "Why hasn't Jiang Zhouzi come back yet?" Run out to see, and ran to torture Min Hongwen's cronies and entourage to vent their anger,Automatic Nail Making Machine, trying to find out some relevant information from inside, such as what is the poison on the sharp knife, but Min Hongwen's secrecy work is so good that no one knows a little bit. 3shardware.com