Beautiful Jiangshan _ Li Xin _ Complete Works + Fanwai

"Big Brother." A gentle voice in the ear Qingyang, "how old people, how can you still compare with a woman?"


"Big Brother." A gentle voice in the ear Qingyang, "how old people, how can you still compare with a woman?" Is she a woman? Ah Is she a woman? Liu breathed heavily, Liu Jia was pale, and he hugged him from behind with all his strength. "Have you ever seen such a woman after living for so many years?"? Is there such a woman in our family? If Boji dares to do this, I'll slap her to death. It's a shame. "Well, eldest brother, this is Yin Ji, not Bo Ji!" Liu Xiu's voice is gentle as water, "there is no comparability between the two of them." Liu Xiu carried me out of the carriage. Liu ran after me and shouted, "I tell you, Uncle Liu Wen, if you dare to marry such a woman, I will cut off my robe with you!" I get angry when I hear it. What kind of words is that? All the lius in the world are dead, and I won't marry him! "All the men in the world are dead, and no one dares to marry you!" My lungs were about to explode, and if my lower body hadn't been so numb and itchy and painful, I would have jumped to the ground to beat his pig's head. Liu Xiu quickly hugged me and trotted me into a small forest by the side of the road, and from time to time Liu's arrogant roar came from far behind. Less than 100 meters behind the forest, I heard the sound of gurgling water. A stream passed through the forest. The water was clear to the bottom. Occasionally, I saw small fish swimming happily at the bottom of the water. My mood was suddenly enlightened,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and Liu's unhappiness was gradually forgotten. Compared with the seriously polluted nature of the 21st century, there was a difference between heaven and earth. I took a deep breath, smelled the faint fragrance of flowers, and squinted with some intoxication. In a trance, a cold fingertip slipped gently in front of my forehead. When I came to my senses, I opened my eyes and saw a pair of eyes as clear as water. At that moment, breathing involuntarily for one,Nail machine supplier, Liu Xiu's eye pupil, originally was so beautiful, like the stream in general. "If the eldest brother is impulsive, he will lose his sense of propriety. Please forgive him more." His eyes curved up again, and he smiled softly and dimly. I can not help but be a little disappointed, really want to look at his eyes a little more carefully, so clear and bright eyes, what kind of secret is hidden in the fundus. Smiling like he is now, although it looks kind, it makes me feel strange. I gently struggled down from his arms and hobbled to the stream with a tingling sensation on the soles of my feet. The sparkling water reflected a pale and discomfited face. The hair is messy, like a bird's nest. With a low cry of "ah", I knelt down and went into the water. The reflection in the water became clearer and clearer, my proud face looked slightly swollen at the moment, and there was a sharp scratch on my forehead, which was probably scratched by Liu's fingernails when they pinched each other. There was a bruise on the neck, Coil nail machine ,Nail machine supplier, about the size of a coin, the collar of the lower skirt was loose and half-open, and the cleavage was looming. I grabbed the skirt quickly gathered, a heart pounding, peeking back, but see Liu Xiu sitting on a stone, hand folded a willow, bow in the weaving wicker. I breathed a sigh of relief and tidied up my appearance as quickly as possible, thinking that the gaffe just now had inevitably fallen into his eyes, and my face was burning and my whole body was uncomfortable. That one I licked my lips and walked up to him awkwardly. In fact, I did not think things would develop like this, but I do not know how, and Liu together like a comet hit the earth, do not hit the sky collapse, head broken and bleeding is not normal. With a sudden chill on his forehead, he stood up and put the willow ring decorated with flowers on my head. The breeze blew across my cheek, and his expression conveyed indescribable tenderness: "This is for you. It's not very well made up, but it looks good on you." I obviously felt my ears burning, and for a moment I was at a loss, facing his gentleness, I didn't know how to respond. Every time my sister Boji is unhappy, as long as she weaves a garland like this to send her, she will soon be happy. He looked at me with a smile, and I looked up at him in a daze. Original In his eyes, it was just a very common way to make a little girl happy. What are you thinking? He asked me casually. Oh. "I came to my senses and hid my embarrassment." No. I just felt like I was doing that with your big brother just now. A little too much, after all, we are relatives. They are indeed relatives, but the words between relatives are so resolute that it is estimated that they should draw a clear line in the future and not contact each other in old age and death. Poof! He burst out laughing. "Don't you think you and Big Brother are very childish?"? I'm afraid in the end you don't even know what you're talking about. "What?" I don't understand. You say, the whole world surnamed Liu is dead, you also don't marry me! In other words, as long as Liu is not dead, you will marry me. "Huh?" I was dumbfounded. Can you understand it like this? "And what my eldest brother said is even more incomprehensible, what is meant by'All the men in the world are dead, and no one dares to marry you! '" ? If all the men in the world are dead, naturally no one can marry you, right? I blinked, and when I figured it out, I almost laughed. This fool Liu, probably want to say that even if all the women in the world are dead, no one dares to marry me. The two men did not notice each other's mistakes in words when they pinched each other in anger, but he did notice them. Liu Xiu, he is really a careful man! "So.." He said seriously, "Please don't take what happened just now to heart. Although my eldest brother is reckless, his heart is not bad, and he is not usually a rough man to women." Does that mean I don't look like a woman? You think so, too? Liu Xiu was slightly stunned. Then he smiled awkwardly and said,Automatic nail machine, "How could.." Why not? I added a sentence in my heart, and suddenly my chest felt depressed. Let's go! I have to go on my way. I reached out and took off the garland on my head and handed it back to him with an expressionless face. "Not every woman likes this kind of thing.". You are quite right. Your sister and I are completely different. There is no comparison. Small talk After this and Liu, even Liu Xiu never said a word.