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The strange feeling is transmitted to the mental power of Nian Bing. He clearly felt that the dark demon


The lawsuit was about to start, and in the months her mother had been taking care of her, it was time for a result. So, taking advantage of this period of time, she worked with her mother, forcing Qiaonan to agree to abstain. At that time, she gave her mother one million, and then took five million from Qiaonan and Wang Yang respectively. With the nine million she earned, she could naturally live a colorful life. Who knows, Ding Jiayi first told Qiao Ziqi that all the money she spent in hospital was paid by herself, and it was Ding Jiayi who took her card and took out ten thousand yuan. This disease is to see Qiao Ziqi himself, no one to pay the money for her. Still in the flesh pain this ten thousand yuan, Ding Jiayi later said, gave Qiao Ziqi a heavy blow: "What, mom, you go back to Pingcheng this afternoon?"? But, but I just woke up. I have pneumonia. Didn't you say that I had a fever of 40 degrees before? Mom, I just woke up, the fever on my body has not completely subsided, and my body is very weak. Did you just leave me and go back to Pingcheng? Mom, is it because I'm still burning that I misheard? How could her mother leave her alone at this time? Even if there is no matter of five million, her mother should continue to take care of her for the sake of her illness. Ding Jiayi poured a glass of water for Qiao Ziqi to drink. The angry Qiao Ziqi pushed away the cup: "I do not drink, mom, you tell me clearly?"? Do you mean to leave me alone and let me die? Ding Jiayi is not angry,Quillaja Saponin, Qiao Ziqi does not drink water, she simply put down the cup: "You are sick, but your father and I are not young, your father is still short of care.". As for you, you haven't recovered yet, but if you have money, you can go directly to the nurse. It shouldn't be too expensive for you to pay for it day by day. You should be able to get out of the hospital before you spend your seven thousand and six hundred yuan. "Your mother and I are old, our hands and feet are not flexible,Glucono Delta Lactone, our work is stupid, and the food we cook is not to your taste.". Nursing workers are not the same. They are not only professional, young and strong, but also paid by you. If you feel that she is not taking good care of you, you can tell her that for the sake of money, she has to take care of you comfortably. How beautiful it is. Ding Jiayi said so, which means that Qiao Ziqi just asked Ding Jiayi to ask someone to take care of her and Qiao Dongliang, and returned it to Qiao Ziqi intact. Qiao Ziqi did not react at first: "Can that be the same? You are a mother. No matter how good an outsider is, is there a mother who takes good care of you?"? What's more, the better the nurse, the more expensive the price. So, if the nurse doesn't take good care of her as well as her own mother, can the nanny I invited back take care of her more intimately than my daughter? Yeah, it costs money to hire a nurse, and your mother takes care of you, so that's a free nanny? Chapter 2280 of the main text knows in my heart. Ding Jiayi was really sad, even though she had faintly realized that Qiao Ziqi's view of her mother might be like this. However, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,D BHB Factory, as long as Qiao Ziqi does not say, Ding Jiayi thinks too much. Who knows, although Qiao Ziqi did not explicitly say similar words, the meaning expressed is not the same. Think of oneself is hard to take care of Qiao Ziqi, who knows, Qiao Ziqi just regarded her as a free old maid. When there was a need, the mother called, and when there was no need, she was thrown aside, wishing she would not appear, lest she spend her money: "Ziqi, you are also a mother, you have the son of Fengfeng.". You treat me like this, you treat your father like this, you think of us like this. Have you ever thought that when you are old, Fengfeng will treat you like this? You don't want to provide for me and your father. Do you really think that Qiaonan's sister will provide for you? The relationship between you two is not so good! "Shut up!" Qiaozi's angry face was blue. Qiaonan didn't see it. Her mother wanted to mutiny: "Fengfeng is my son. I know my son. He won't ignore my mother." Yes, you are still my daughter. Before today, I never felt that my daughter would ignore me, not raise me, not want me. As a parent, how can you really think about your child so much. My own children are the best in the world. Unfortunately, it turns out that my idea is wrong. Ding Jiayi spoke about the situation of their three generations. Qiao Ziqi sneers: "You not only think to say, the view is also wrong.". Who thinks so badly of their children? Did I hear that right, mom? Aren't you? When I was young, Qiaonan helped you do a lot of housework. She helped you sweep the floor and mop the floor without a broom. Turn your head, and you will call her a dead girl. At that time, I thought that I would never help you with the housework even if I pretended to do it. I do not work, you also praise me, give me delicious food, only Qiaonan so silly, think you manage a family, too hard. Didn't you used to tell me that Qiaonan, a dead girl, had no conscience and would never be promising in the future? Did you never count on her? You said that even if she was rich, she could not be filial to you. Do you remember all these words? Anyway, I didn't forget it. You see, who says no parents miss their children so much, aren't you? How can the relationship between children and parents be as beautiful as her mother just said? Who says that for parents, their children are the best in the world. Her mother took her as an example, not to tell her that if she was not filial to her mother now, Fengfeng would not be filial to her in the future? Regarding these words, Qiao Ziqi really did not believe: "Mom, do you know why I believe in Fengfeng so much? Do you think he will be filial to me and will not ignore me?" "Why, why?" In the face of Qiao Ziqi's eyes, Ding Jiayi froze. She was a little afraid, and she felt as if she didn't want to hear what Qiao Ziqi said next. However, at this time, she could not escape and could not leave: "Feng Feng was born to you, and he is your son.". What kind of mother, what kind of son, is not surprising, right? If I remember correctly,Heme Iron Polypeptide, Fengfeng has not been very close to you all the time. You divorced Chen Jun again. I haven't been to see Feng Feng for more than two years. Therefore, the possibility that Feng Feng is not willing to take care of this mother is extremely high. Ziqi himself is not a good mother, why do you expect Fengfeng to be a filial son.