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The strange feeling is transmitted to the mental power of Nian Bing. He clearly felt that the dark demon


He went back to his room, took a cold shower and went to bed. Lying down flat, Mu Yihan's mind, and the scene just emerged. Her completely unguarded closeness, the delicate and silky skin of her tentacles, and the softness that squeezed her chest. This night, Mu Yihan tossed back and forth in the middle of the night, until it was almost dawn, it was really unable to sleep in the past. But even the dream is not stable. For the first time, I had a night of action movie dreams. Wang can, who was shut out by him, had long been completely forgotten by him. The heroine in his dream got up early and found herself back in her room, somewhat confused. She remembered that she was watching stocks on the sofa, and then she was too sleepy to go upstairs to fall asleep. When did you come up? I have no impression. Gu Lingxue washed casually and went downstairs to find something to eat. The vegetables that Mu Yihan bought were still in the refrigerator, but the fast food and so on were eaten up by her. Uh? He's back? Came back last night? Looking at the extra men's leather shoes at the door, Gu Lingxue suddenly. Gu Lingxue shrugged his head, poured the sago bought by Mu Yihan into the pot,Sex Enhancement Powder, adjusted it to automatic stirring, timing, and then went upstairs. Go downstairs again, Gu Lingxue has already dressed neatly. The handsome boy who had dinner with her yesterday was her partner, game developer He Shiqi. Yesterday, they reached an agreement on the content of the contract. Gu Lingxue added another 500,000 US dollars to become the second largest shareholder of the company. Because when they registered the company,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, it was only a million dollars of start-up capital. The contract will be formally signed today. In the future, even if I don't pay attention to the stock market all the time, I won't starve to death. It's like she's gonna starve to death if she doesn't make her own money. Mu Yihan felt a little aggrieved. When Mu Yihan rubbed his sore head and went downstairs, there was no shadow of Gu Lingxue at home. On the tea table was her favorite maple leaf note paper. I have something to do today, so we can't have breakfast together. I cooked porridge in the kitchen and got up to eat a little. Wearing intentionally or unintentionally bought, and Gu Lingxue the same style, beige smoke gray stripes home clothes, Mu Yihan into the kitchen. Open the refrigerator to see, Mu Yihan just because of the good mood accumulated by breakfast, instantly disappeared. He shouldn't have counted on her. He's lucky he didn't starve to death. Achoo! As soon as Gu Lingxue arrived at the appointed restaurant, he sneezed loudly. What's the matter? Do you have a cold? He Shiqi got up and helped her pull out the chair. No, I guess someone scolded me behind my back. Gu Lingxue put the bag that Mu Yihan bought on the dining table and sat down and said. I have a tight schedule today. Let's sign the contract early. I have something to do. With that, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, he nodded to the waiter standing on one side. A glass of milk, please. She saw that he Shiqi was like her brother, although she had never had a brother. They are a group of people who have just come out of society, cherish dreams and have not been polluted by the real society. They have the courage and determination to believe in their dreams that Gu Lingxue no longer has. What, too busy going on a date? He Shiqi pretended to say jokingly, but looked at her seriously. Speaking of it, she is only one year older than herself, but she has been working hard in the market for many years. Because of the cooperative relationship between the two people, Gu Lingxue's ancestors for eighteen generations have been dug out by them, how can they not know who she is. It's not a date, but it's coming. Gu Lingxue smiled and took a sip of the milk that the waiter had put down. He Shiqi did not expect that she would generously admit that her bright eyes would slowly lose their brilliant brightness. What about the contract? Gu Lingxue licked the milk foam stuck to her lips and asked. He Shiqi's eyes darkened and he took out the contract that had been prepared in his briefcase and handed it to her. Don't you have a look? Looking at her, she turned to the last page without looking and signed her name. He Shiqi rekindled hope. No, no doubt about employing people, no doubt about people. Gu Lingxue closed the contract and said with a gentle smile. Aunt, please answer the phone. Li Xiangting's funny voice came, and Gu Lingxue nodded apologetically like He Shiqi and connected the phone. What are you doing, answering the phone so quickly this time? Li Xiangting on the phone forked a piece of apple and asked. "We just had a small contract. Would you like to go out together?" "Well, that's what I'm thinking. The boy Ximen Qing is on a business trip, and this young lady is almost covered with hair." "Sister, pay attention to your image. If your Ximen Qing knew that you were such a hero in Jianghu, he would stare out his eyes." Gu Lingxue kindly reminded. Ximen Qing, whose real name is Ximen Qing, is Li Xiangting's fiance. Later, both of them could not accept such a stubborn idea and happily broke off their engagement. As a result of an accident, Miss Li, who was having too much fun, was eaten up and wiped clean by Ximen Qing, who was drunk. Then, two people will be consumed. You run after me, you come and I go, and, uh, you go down and I go up. In the end, Ximen Qing did justice for heaven and subdued Li Xiangting, a witch. Miss Li got rid of the harm for the people and solved the scourge of Ximen Qing. Everyone is happy at the end. However, Ximen Qing's possessiveness is so strong that Li Xiangting is not allowed to go out at all, so she will grow hair. Speaking of it, the relationship between Gu Lingxue and Li Xiangting has been advancing by leaps and bounds recently. To this day, Li Xiangting has been forced to bind and become her sister who talks about everything. Do you have a date and go shopping? He Shiqi waited for her to close the line,Theobromine Powder, then slowly and methodically took a mouthful of bitter coffee and said. You don't understand. It's good to have a date or something in the evening. "You can have a romantic candlelight dinner and count your heartbeats together under the street lamp.." Looking at He Shiqi's strange eyes, Gu Lingxue shut up. I've been too self-indulgent recently, and I'm going to completely collapse my host character. I'm just kidding. I'm going shopping with my best friend. What about you? Gu Lingxue sent the location to Li Xiangting and stood up in the mobile phone bag. pioneer-biotech.com