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Original title: Why do many stars like to wear RAZE photocatalyst antibacterial masks? Double 11 True Fragrance Warning Recently, celebrities wear a kind of antibacterial mask called RAZE photocatalyst when they go to public places. From the daily entry and exit of the stars, we can see that the fashion is close to the face, and black not only retains a trace of mystery, but also meets the needs of epidemic prevention. And from the female star on the face, we can see that there are multi-color options to meet the diverse needs of girls. Good-looking skins are everywhere, and powerful souls are one in a hundred. If multi-color fashion is the skin of RAZE, then the key filter layer inside, photocatalyst melt-blown cloth is its soul. Different from the common melt-blown fabric on the market, the melt-blown fabric of RAZE antibacterial mask is made of water-casting grade melt-blown cloth, which is more moisture-resistant and breathable. The protective filtering performance is better, reaching more than 99% (higher than the national standard). In addition, RAZE self-developed photocatalyst technology is specially added to play an antibacterial and killing role. It endows the mask with the functions of active anti-bacterial and odor purification, and truly creates a sterile and refreshing environment inside the mask. Whether it is touched or discarded or in and out of crowded places, it has higher environmental protection and protection requirements. So it is not difficult to see why many stars choose RAZE photocatalyst antibacterial masks. During the double eleven period, many commodities were sold at the lowest price in history. RAZE is no exception, in Tianmao's main sales platform, during the Double Eleventh period, in addition to platform activities, the official also took the initiative to benefit consumers with sincerity. Take the kingpin's disposable 2D photocatalyst antibacterial mask for example, there is also a discount of nearly 50% during the Double Eleven period, which can be said to be a good deal. Expand the full text Finally,Medical Disposable Coverall, how to choose the RAZE photocatalyst antibacterial mask? 1. According to the travel scenario: If you often travel to meet customers and attend some important occasions, you can choose KN95 antibacterial series. Blue and white, sedate atmosphere. It also has four layers of protection and two layers of photocatalyst antibacterial melt-blown cloth, which has stronger protection. It also keeps warm in winter and ensures better ventilation. If you have no requirement for travel and like multi-color, you can consider 2D flat mask, three layers of protection, one layer of melt-blown layer, which has the same excellent antibacterial performance and more cost-effective. 2. According to the protection ability: if you want higher protection effect and longer wearing time, choose KN95. The double-layer photocatalyst melt-blown layer can be worn as new for 7 days without peculiar smell. If you do not need such high requirements, choose 2D flat antibacterial mask, single-layer photocatalyst melt-blown layer, Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask ,3 Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask, wear for 3 days as new, basically meet the daily needs. Here is another small knowledge point: disposable masks are generally composed of three layers, namely the outermost waterproof layer, which has the effect of waterproof protection; the middle is the melt-blown cloth isolation layer Has good effect of isolating virus invasion; the innermost non-woven fabric protective layer It plays a good role in isolating water vapor and preventing the mask from being wet and losing its anti-virus performance. Now there are many types of masks on the market, but the quality is uneven, and the protective effect is also very different. Therefore, when consumers buy masks on Double 11, they must cut the masks to see if they are consistent with the claim. At the same time, they burn the melt-blown cloth with fire. If the dregs fall and smoke, it is the inferior melt-blown cloth that is chosen. The protective effect is poor. Be careful when buying this kind of mask. What kind of enterprise is RAZE? RAZE is a nanotechnology company headquartered in Hong Kong, China, which uses nano-photocatalytic technology in the field of air purification and environmental purification to improve the human living environment. In terms of mask protection, after 10 years of ingenious scientific research, RAZE has applied photocatalyst antibacterial technology to masks, so that masks have dual functions of antibacterial protection, and are safer and more environmentally friendly to use. After testing by authoritative organizations, RAZE photocatalyst antibacterial masks can achieve BFE, even PFE can achieve 99% effect, continuously killing pathogens including new coronavirus and bacteria, giving a sense of security. RAZE photocatalyst masks are not only powerful, but also remarkable in appearance. Since its launch in July, RAZE hot water color "mint green", "light pink", "foam coffee" and "kapok grey" series have set off a craze in the Hong Kong market, and once sold out. In the mainland, it is loved by stars from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, such as Oscar, Yao Chen, Zhai Xiaowen, Guan Zhibin, Chen Kailin, Li Wan, Mika, Tang Jiuzhou, Xi Mengyao, Xiao Jingteng, Xu Kai,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, Xianzi and so on. This double eleven event will be the best solution for consumers to buy RAZE antibacterial masks. It is expected that on the day of the event on November 11, there will be an unprecedented rush to buy, and we will wait and see. 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