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Original title: What non-woven fabrics are used for foundation and medical protective suit? Nonwovens Information Nonwovens Information In the environment of basic protection and medical work, we will encounter the dangers of germs, harmful ultra-fine dust, acid solution, salt solution and corrosive chemicals. For these dangers, we need to use protective suit to protect the whole body of workers. Protective suit is also known as work clothes. What are the characteristics of protective suit? What non-woven fabric is the protective suit made of? ? Typesetting | Nonwovens Information Article | Search Good Goods Image | Web Collection 1 Breathable protective suit for basic protection. Suitable for automotive, aviation, food processing, metal processing, mining, oil and gas operations. Generally, it is hooded from head to shoulder to body, and the cuffs and trousers are tightened. Protective suit requires effective prevention of dust and solid particles from entering the working environment. It should be comfortable and breathable, and not easy to dust. It has strong protection and can block slight splashes in low-risk areas. The fabric used in this protective suit is SMS non-woven fabric. The structural characteristics of superfine melt-blown fiber layer and high tenacity spunbonded non-woven fabric layer in the structure of SMS material make the material have certain hydrostatic pressure resistance and air permeability, which form the basic isolation performance of SMS material. Expand the full text In addition, SMS non-woven fabrics also have barrier properties and are used in various protective suit products, including medical protective suit, industrial protective suit, chemical protective suit and so on. Of course, in addition to SMS non-woven fabrics, there are also PE film composite non-woven fabrics, breathable film non-woven fabrics and spunbonded non-woven fabric which can be used as medical protective suit fabrics. 2 medical protective suit Medical protective suit, also known as medical protective suit, is the work dress of medical staff, that is, protective clothing for the body of medical workers. It is mainly used to isolate germs, harmful superfine dust, acid solution, salt solution and corrosive chemicals, and keep the environment clean. 3 Characteristics and uses of medical protective suit. (1) protective suit of common PP non-woven fabric; It is made of PP spunbonded non-woven fabric and generally weighs 35-60 GSM. Features: breathable, dustproof, not waterproof, good tensile resistance, the difference between the front and back is not obvious. PP spunbonded non-woven fabrics are used for common isolation clothes, low-grade isolation clothes and patient clothes. (2) protective suit of that film-covered non-woven fabric; The fabric is a film-coated non-woven fabric, generally weighing 35-45 GSM. Has the characteristics of airtightness, waterproofness, good bacteria isolation effect, obvious distinction between the front side and the back side, non-woven fabric on the side in contact with the body, no allergy and good hand feeling. There is a layer of plastic film outside to prevent liquid leakage, used in pollution and virus occasions, hospital infectious wards mainly use film-covered non-woven protective suit. (3) SMS non-woven protective suit. There are three layers of composite non-woven fabrics, a waterproof and bacteria-proof layer in the middle, and a sesame point SMS non-woven fabric in the outer layer, which is strong and tensile, and has the function of isolating waterproof and breathable. Grams of 35-60 GSM are generally used. SMS non-woven fabrics are used for surgical gowns, surgical hole towels, isolation gowns, test gowns, operation gowns and non-surgical masks, as well as visitors' clothes. (4) protective suit of that breathable film non-woven fabric. PP polypropylene is used and covered with PE breathable film. Generally,KN95 Face Mask, 30g PP + 30g PE breathable film is used. Therefore, it has strong air permeability, good anti-permeability, and high impact resistance while resisting the corrosion of various organic solvents and acids and bases. Strong mechanical properties, soft and comfortable texture. Does not support combustion, is non-toxic and non-irritating, and is harmless to skin. Bacteria-proof, waterproof, slightly breathable, soft texture, is the most advanced medical protective suit for medical protection. Its characteristic is that the sweat of the human body can be emitted outward, while the harmful gases and moisture outside can not invade. In addition, the breathable membrane non-woven fabric is also used for surgical gowns, surgical hole towels and isolation gowns. The chairman personally took the lead in research and development, and the medical equipment leader broke into the 100 billion protection market. Cypress blue apparatus Summer has come, but the novel coronavirus has not gone. At present, there are nearly 16 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the world, and the number of new cases is still more than 200,000 per day. According to the prediction of many experts,Medical Disposable Coverall, it is a big probability that the global epidemic will last until next autumn. The medical protection market activated by the epidemic will remain highly active. In this context, medical protective products will also maintain a high consumption for a long time, and the global market is far from saturated. 1 "Capital of Medical Consumables" under the Epidemic Situation In the first half of the year, everyone was interested and curious about the mask market. Not only because we need to wear masks every day to prevent infection, but also because its price has risen and fallen sharply in the short term, which is closely related to our daily economic life. Strong demand determines the strong market, in the past six months, the domestic market for protective products is almost crazy. According to the data of Tian Eye Check, there are nearly 160,000 enterprises in China whose business scope includes mask business. Among them, more than 70000 enterprises were newly registered in the first half of this year, which is 12 times the number of the same period last year. The sudden "prosperity" of the mask market has made Henan Changyuan repeatedly "out of the circle", moving from behind the scenes to the front stage. Changyuan is a county-level city directly under the jurisdiction of Henan Province, known as the "capital of medical consumables" in the industry. According to a previous report by Xinhua News Agency, Changyuan currently has more than 70 enterprises of various types of sanitary materials, operating more than 2000 enterprises, usually accounting for more than 50% of the national market sales, and the coverage rate of major hospitals in the country exceeds 75%. There is a joke in the local area, "If Changyuan sneezes, the national medical consumables market will catch a cold." It is enough to show the important position of Changyuan in the national Eisai market. During the epidemic in China, dealers who went to Changyuan to buy masks stood on the street almost every day, sometimes even queuing for one or two kilometers. The daily orders of the mask factory are like snowflakes, and the masks are pulled away as soon as they leave the factory. Helping Changyuan City "out of the circle" is also the city's leading enterprise Camel Holding Group Co., Ltd. The company, whose anesthesia kits account for one third of the country's market share, did not produce masks before the epidemic. However, the severity of the epidemic made them realize that the shortage of protective materials was the most prominent problem, so they set up an emergency research group to undertake the first batch of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control projects in Henan Province, "rapid and residual-free sterilizat ion methods for protective products urgently needed for the epidemic situation" and "research on new omni-directional functional head and face protective devices", and began to set foot in the field of medical protection. After making this decision, Camel Group urgently launched the production line of medical protective equipment, and the personnel of other production lines were also transferred to the production line of protective equipment. Concentrated efforts are very effective. Camel Group spent a total of 15 days from the independent development of moulds to the launch of the first generation of windscreen products. Soon after the news spread to the Internet, it became a hot search. The reading volume of Weibo alone was as high as 310 million. The vast number of medical staff and netizens left messages praising it, "The capital of medical consumables is really unusual.". 2 Leading enterprises enter the market The chairman personally led the research and development team. As the leading enterprise of medical devices in Changyuan City, Camel Man began to enter the medical protection market during the epidemic period, Medical Full Body Coverall ,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, but it did not affect its rapid occupation of a place in the market. When the epidemic in China is serious, the primary task of Changyuan City is to expand capacity and production. Under the guidance of this goal, the daily production capacity of local medical protective masks in Changyuan has increased from less than one million before the epidemic to more than 50 million. Among them, Camel's mask production capacity can reach 5 million, accounting for one tenth of the total daily production capacity. It is not easy to achieve such capacity, especially during the shortage of raw materials for melt-blown fabrics. At the beginning of the outbreak, the output of melt-blown fabrics in Changyuan was only a few hundred kilograms, which directly affected the production capacity of local medical protective equipment enterprises in Changyuan. For many mask manufacturers, if they want to buy melt-blown cloth at that time, they need to replace it with a mask. It's interesting to say that the camel man bought a mask at that time, and it was bought at a high price, but it was not used to replace the melt-blown cloth. At that time, Wang Guosheng, chairman of Camel Group, issued instructions to the sales department to purchase 400000 yuan worth of masks, protective suit and other products from other enterprises at a high price through his own channels, and sold them at a fair price or donated them directly to medical units. This established the camel people's determination to produce their own masks. In fact, for a long time since then, when the prices of production equipment and raw materials have risen sharply, camel people have insisted on selling at the bottom price even if they lose money. It is precisely because of the insistence on this original intention that camel people decided to independently develop melt-blown cloth machine to solve the problem of mask production. Not only that, camel people also made 10 mask machines and 50 hot air blowers. In fact, Camel Group only got the production qualification of medical masks on March 6, when the mask machine equipment could not be delivered in time. It is also by virtue of their own research and development capabilities that the camel people have completed the task of supplying masks. As we all know, in the field of medical protection, the highest level of protection is positive pressure protective suit. Positive pressure means that the pressure of the gas inside the protective suit is higher than that of the outside air, so that the virus can not easily enter. Compared with ordinary protective suit, the design of positive pressure avoids the problem that ordinary protective suit often have loopholes and have no good protective effect. During the epidemic period, most of the medical staff are equipped with ordinary medical protection, which has poor air permeability. If the weather is hot, the stuffy feeling will be very serious. When they took off their ordinary protective suit and showed their "scarred" faces and sweat, Wang Guosheng, chairman of Camel Man, decided to personally lead the research and development of positive pressure protective suit to solve the above problems. The project team first changed the airflow channel in the protective suit, and added a breathing valve to provide clean air by the air supply device. The air supply volume is up to 190L/min, which is much higher than the national standard of 120L/min, so as to ensure the real-time circulation of air in the protective suit. Next, the air supply device will be upgraded to adjust the temperature according to the change of seasonal temperature, which can refrigerate and heat to achieve a certain constant temperature effect. Ordinary medical protective suit need to be used together with goggles, surgical masks, protective masks, protective masks and so on, while the positive pressure protective suit changes the traditional cumbersome wearing mode to achieve full-body protection, but does not need to be used with goggles, protective masks and other products. At the same time, the project team tested more than 20 kinds of filter materials before and after, and finally achieved the filtration efficiency from the initial 98% to more than 99.995%, the maximum efficiency of isolation of pathogens. Medical positive pressure protective suit Medical positive pressure protective hood At the same time, camel people are also stepping up research and development of more types of masks with better protection, including medical silicone protective masks, medical protective masks (cup type), KN95 protective masks (fish type), net respiratory protective masks and other products. Wherein, the medical silica gel protective mask integrates a mask and goggles, the filtering efficiency is more than or equal to 97%, and the mask body is made of medical silica gel material, which can be steamed and disinfected or disinfected by alcohol to realize the purpose of repeated use. Medical silica gel protective mask More importantly, in the research and development of new protective products, Camel Chairman Wang Guosheng personally led the team to complete two key scientific and technological projects undertaken by Henan Science and Technology Department in a short period of time, developed six new products, such as new protective hoods, positive pressure protective suit, net breathing masks, and obtained 54 patents, including 3 international patents. There are 18 utility model patents. As a result, Camel Group has become the first licensed positive pressure protective suit manufacturer in China. Positive pressure protective suit is at the top of medical protective products, and its technical content is self-evident. At present, Camel Man has a complete chain of protective products, covering all protective products from granulation to spunbonded cloth, melt-blown cloth production, and then to primary, secondary and tertiary protective solutions. Production capacity and product reserves are sufficient to meet the demand for protective products for outbreaks. 3 Overseas epidemic has not reached its peak The protection market is far from saturated. As the domestic epidemic subsided, the domestic medical protection market also got rid of the crazy state, mask manufacturers turned to overseas markets, and Camel Group was no exception. In fact, since April, the masks produced by camel people have been mainly sold to Europe, Africa and other places. At present, the cumulative number of overseas confirmed cases is close to 16 million, the number of existing confirmed cases is more than 5.4 million, and the average number of overseas newly confirmed case is more than 200000 in the past month. In this regard, many epidemiologists have said that the overseas epidemic has not yet reached its peak. It's hard to predict when it will end. As a major producer of masks in the world, China accounts for half of the total production of masks in the world. According to the research data of iMedia Consulting, it is estimated that the total output of masks in China will exceed 100 billion by 2020, and the output value of masks will reach 235.7 billion yuan. In combination, most of the output value comes from overseas markets. At the same time, the demand for medical protective suit and other products in the global market will also increase. For global protective product manufacturers, the market is far from saturated. In this context, the 2020 Shanghai International Epidemic Prevention Materials and Supplies Exhibition will be held in Shanghai from July 30 to August 1, covering masks, melt-blown cloth mask machines, protective suit, isolation clothing, goggles and other epidemic prevention materials and supplies, and will invite institutions and foreign trade companies, buyers, distributors and agents from more than 80 countries to participate. Customers include distributors, agents, import and export companies, local government procurement of epidemic prevention materials, hospitals and so on. As one of the leading medical equipment enterprises, Camel Group is also invited to display its medical positive pressure protective suit, medical positive pressure protective hood, medical silicone protective mask, medical protective hood, mask and other products. The COVID-19 epidemic has opened up a new market for Tuoren Group's medical protective products, especially its positive pressure protective suit products. Camel Group also plans to use three years to compete with 3m in the field of protection. A few days ago, Tuoren built a new city of medical equipment industry, and established the world's production base, reserve base, import and export base of protective products in Tuoren; at the same time,Medical Quickly Delivery Antivirus Coverall, it established the research and development center, testing center and allocation center of epidemic prevention materials. From product chain competition to industrial clusters, it provides high-quality protection solutions for the country and even the world. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com