Glancing at the situation around me, I remembered that I had been practicing for a long time. I took back the fairy ware and waved my hand to unlock the ban. As soon as the ban was lifted, I saw a figure rushing towards me. I was startled. Only then did I see that it was Qian Zi'er. Then I thought that when it was inappropriate, she had been pressed onto the bed by the momentum of her whole person. Why did my brother just get out of the customs! I miss Zier so much. Qian Zi'er and I face to face, Jiao Chen's way. I couldn't help smiling and said, "Sister Zier is good. Isn't my brother already out?"? How about it? What did sister Zier play these days? Did you have fun? "What a few days? It's been half a year. I think if my brother doesn't come out, I'll ignore you in the future." Qian Zi'er stretched out her delicate jade and pointed at my forehead. Yes, if my brother doesn't come out again, my old bones will be broken up by this sister! In the voice, the smiling figure of Tiexingyun appeared in the doorway. Now his face is similar to that of a young man in his twenties. He looks a few years older than me. His skin is delicate. It is a kind of baby's breath. His long black hair, the most obvious thing is his body, which emits a faint white light. I know that this is the cultivation of gathering cloud steps. Only then did his path of spiritual practice truly enter a broad road. Congratulations, big brother, Juyun Chucheng, congratulations! I sincerely wished, I patted the little girl's buttocks, hugged her up and sat on the bed. The tentacles are full of the elasticity of youth, but I do not have the slightest desire, but only a brother's love for his sister. I don't know when Qian Zi'er doted on me. In my arms, she pouted and said, "Brother Tie always speaks ill of me. You know,push back racking system, I also have credit." "Yes, yes, brother," said Tie Xingyun suddenly! Speaking of this period of time, I can not do without the help of Zier's sister, ah, she can pass on a lot of my true secret method ah! I thought my progress was fast enough,warehouse pallet racks, and I jumped to the top of the cloud, but when I saw my brother today, I found that you were faster than me, and I couldn't even praise him. With that, Tie Xingyun burst out laughing. Brother's cultivation is a bit strange, even I am dizzy, his body seems to have immortal power, but the realm is only a celestial order, as if, as if there is a very powerful force? Qian Zi'er stared at the closed eyes of heaven on my forehead doubtfully. I smiled and told them about the process of my spiritual practice without concealing anything. It seems that my brother has also experienced countless dangers, ah, Xiu really has to rely on his own efforts and understanding! You can't force anything. Tie Xingyun sighed. Brother actually has a fairy, or forbidden fairy, no wonder, my fairy sword is only the level of Kang Tian? Qian Zi'er said with a look of envy. By the way, shuttle rack system ,industrial racking systems, we are very calm during this period of spiritual practice! When did the eldest brother leave the customs? I asked. I am earlier than you, probably ten days ago, listen to purple younger sister to say, in this period of time, also have a lot of people touch up, but was purple younger sister to send. Tie Xingyun gave a thumbs-up to Qian Zier. Oh, it seems that this place is not calm. We should also go for a walk. This time, let's go to Xiuzhen Realm. Anyway, we will go sooner or later. I suggested that the reason why I want to go to the realm of cultivation is that my cultivation has reached the level of celestial omen. If I don't go again, I'm afraid I won't have time to go after soaring. No matter what, the realm of cultivation is always a real holy place of cultivation. After all, the atmosphere and many experiences of cultivation there are not comparable to those of a halfway monk. I want to learn these in order to better consolidate my foundation. On the other hand, it is because of my master, the only master, Liao Changsheng. I can't get to where I am today without his virtue of sacrificing his life to pass on his merits. As a disciple of Wen Tian Zhai, I haven't done my duty as a disciple for a day. This is also a worry that I have been accumulating in my heart. Now I have finished my worldly affairs, and it is imperative to cultivate the real world. Tie Xingyun is also very yearning for the real world, of course, there is no opinion, and Qian Zier is naturally active, when he heard that he was going to go far away, it was too late to be happy. The three of us explained to Tang Long and Tang Hu, and gave them some elixirs before we left. Although they would not be reborn, it was still possible to prolong life. The realm of cultivation is a very mysterious place for people in the secular world. Even ordinary practitioners can hardly find it. When I first came to the realm of cultivation with the help of divine consciousness and Hunyuan Tianpeng, I knew the real existence of the realm of cultivation. It takes a very strong physical body to pass through Xunhei Dangyun and Jingangfeng. Obviously, my present cultivation is far from enough. Therefore, I have to take another road, a road that the cultivator knows that he can pass through at will, the Xuan Inverse Passage. Xuanni Passage is located in Nanhuang, which is an ancient forest. The trees in the forest are tall and straight, each of which is more than a hundred years old. Nanhuang faces the sea on three sides, only one side touches the mainland, and the passage that touches the mainland on this side is separated by two swamps and a desert. Unless the practitioners or some people with special abilities, the secular world of mortals is simply unable to pass. At this time, the three of us are walking on this road, and I do not advocate flying to finish this road. On this journey, I hope to experience more new things, which I believe I lack and need. Brother, does it seem that there is nothing special all the way? Apart from those weird lizards and bats, there's really nothing interesting. Qian Zier followed me and sighed. I glanced at the desert in front of me and said, "Soon, after this swamp, there is a desert in front of me. If my sister goes there, she can play with the sand." With these words, I winked hard at Tiexingyun. Holding back a smile, Tie Xingyun nodded and said,cantilever racking system, "Yes, Zier can let go when she gets there. She has suffocated our sister Zier all the way." "Yes, but I'll play with the sand later. Brother Tie will accompany me. Let's play together." Qianzi blinked her sly eyes and looked at me with a half-smile.