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A message to add a friend popped up, and Wen Xin looked at the WeChat avatar that looked like a black household and didn't even have a photo for three seconds. Wo Cao, who said the big brother had gone to bed.


There are several simple murals in the outer end of the tomb, which are quite different from those exquisite large-scale paintings outside. The composition of the murals is very simple, and it seems that they are all depicted by King Xian himself. The contents are shocking.. The first part is all about the construction of the "Tomb of King Xian". According to the painting, it depicts how King Xian killed the evil gods in Zhelong Mountain and subdued the local barbarians. In the painting, the evil gods were dressed in bamboo leaf-like costumes, with ferocious faces and black hair all over their bodies. They hid in a deep cave, probably the bones of the "mountain gods" we saw. The mountain God, who was enlightened by King Xian, has several artifacts. One of them is a jade embryo. As we speculate, the jade embryo symbolizes an ancient reproductive worship. It is said that every month when the moon is full, the local barbarians will pay tribute to a woman of the mountain God. The fat man saw this and said, "When the moon is round, it is indeed the estrus period of the monkeys in the forest. They don't want female monkeys, but they want women. I think this is also used by the local people. So we were wrong about King Xian. It seems that he is also dedicated to saving the people from the abyss of suffering. He is a good leader." I scold a way: "Put the dog smelly Fart of your Niang, do your principle and position still want?"? I find that you are a bit of a shemale now. Your tendency is very dangerous. Think about it carefully. He killed two mandrills that ate a woman a month, but he made more than 20,000 barbarian women into insects. Why don't you draw it? Shirley Yang said, "The skeleton of the mountain God,mobile racking systems, together with the toad palace, the jade embryo, and other artifacts, were all sealed into the body of the poisonous dragon of Zhelong Mountain. This poisonous dragon must be the big insect. The content in the painting is almost the same as what we speculated. Behind it are some contents that change the geomantic pattern. This is nothing. The strangest thing here is that it depicts King Xian's divination." There was also the content of some of the visions he had seen, and I'm afraid this is the root of his obsession with the way of immortality. I saw that there was no conspicuous coffin in the tomb. Although the position of the real corpse and the shadow bone should overlap, the last tomb had a peculiar terrain and it was extremely difficult to judge the exact position. If the coffin of King Xian was hidden somewhere, it was not easy to find it,asrs warehouse, so I had to look for clues carefully. At this time, I heard Shirley Yang's words and looked up at the "sky map". I couldn't help wondering, "Isn't this the view of the lake in Tibetan Tantrism?" Chapter 46 view of the Lake Legend has it that when the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty went on an inspection tour, he saw a fairy mountain in the sea. There were three immortals holding the elixir of immortality in the mountain, so he believed in the immortality of immortals and spent his whole life looking for the elixir of immortality on the three gods'mountain. I think this is mostly true in history. I grew up on the coast of Fujian. I heard the old fishermen at the seaside say that there are three wonders on the sea, which are called the sea? (Can't see clearly), sea, advection fog. Among them, "Hai City", also known as "Mirage", is the most fantastic and mysterious. Cities, mountains, people and other wonders emerge out of thin air over the vast sea. However, heavy duty cantilever racks ,mobile racking systems, no one can find the place corresponding to the wonderful scenery of "Hai City". The first emperor probably saw the "sea" of Sanshen Mountain. Otherwise, how could he easily listen to the words of several sorcerers with his knowledge? In addition, there is also a secret activity full of mystery in Tibet. Whenever the Living Buddha passes away, the leaders of the lamas will go to the sacred mountain and lake to "view the lake scenery". The "lake scenery" is also a spectacle similar to the "sea", from which they can get inspiration to find the reincarnation of the Living Buddha. The map of King Xian's divination at this moment is almost like a scene of "watching the lake" in Tantrism, but the location has changed into a deep pool in the Worm Valley, which is covered by neon lights, and endless visions emerge. But King Xian saw that it was not a fairy mountain, but a castle, built on the top of a high mountain, surrounded by white clouds at the foot of the mountain. In the middle of the palace, there was a totem of a huge eyeball, surrounded by some strange figures. This is probably the fairyland in the eyes of King Xian, who hopes to go to this real heavenly palace after his death. Shirley Yang said to herself, "This city.." It's not Jingjue country, but where is it? I said to Shirley Yang, "This may be a forbidden place in Tibet. Although I have never seen this shrine, I have seen ancient corpses in this strange costume in Kangba Qingpu. Since I saw those bronze figures and beasts in Lingyun Palace, I felt as if I had seen them somewhere. At that time, I felt like they were not, so I didn't think much about them, because there is a big difference between ancient corpses and bronze figures after all." Now look at this mural, it's definitely in Tibet, but it's a long story. Let's look for the dust beads first. I'll tell you the details when I get back. Three people then walked forward a few steps, step by step, the wall still depicts the scene of "Tan Jing", but this is similar to the murals in the main hall of Lingyun Palace, which shows that King Xian ascended to heaven by dragon, but the composition is much simpler, there are three more boys in the picture, I immediately broke out in a cold sweat when I saw here, the three boys or messengers in this picture can't kneel down. Crouching on the ground, there is an eyeball-shaped mark on the neck exposed at the back. This is by no means a coincidence, we almost at the same time stretch out their hands to touch the back of their necks, the secret way in the heart is not good, probably really by the fat man's crow mouth, the three lead the boy "longevity candle" is on behalf of our three touch gold a captain. The fat man pointed to the painting and said, "It's really enough to make people angry. It makes us look like three dogs. *** his ancestors. I wanted to leave a whole body for the old thief after touching the gold. Now it seems that since he is heartless, don't blame us for being unjust." Shirley Yang said, "This proves one thing. The prophet of Zagrama can accurately predict what will happen thousands of years later near the ghost cave, but this ability is lost when he leaves the ghost cave of the sacred mountain. It is said that the dust beads are taken out of the bottomless ghost cave, and may also show some special predictions in some special circumstances. Perhaps because of this,drive in racking system, King Xian was able to see some visions through the view of the lake. I think the dust beads must be in this tomb. I looked around and said to Shirley Yang and Fatty, "Do you think there's anything wrong here?"? Like a plow, we've been walking around the tomb for a whole circle. Why haven't we seen the coffin of King Xian? 。