The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

Touch me, little one, I need you to touch me. "He moaned, his tongue deep in my mouth,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, this is the rhythm I know, this is the only lifeline we have to send each other to the shore of satisfaction, tonight we all have a love that is out of control.


Zi Qing did not pay attention to it. She threw Yingying, which was tied up like a rice dumpling, on the ground. She took out an axe from the farm space and chopped at the door. She didn't have so much time to open it now. She solved it by violence directly and opened it in two or three times. But when I opened the door. Zi Qing's whole person is confused. There is a vast expanse of white outside. From the courtyard wall and the corner of the door, the whole world seemed to be torn alive. This situation is so weird! Zi Qing was so frightened that she suddenly slanted her head and looked at Ying Ying on the ground. Obviously, the latter is also stunned. There was a flicker of doubt in his eyes. Immediately there was a glimmer of enlightenment, and then the body wrapped like a pig worm began to struggle crazily. Zi Qing put the other side's expression and reaction into his eyes for a while. Could it be that this was also beyond her expectation? And what is the meaning of the last trace of "clear" color? Now the crazy struggle, knowing that it is impossible to break free, but to do futile work is for what? Could it be that this is what she fears most? Does she know what's going on? This moment. Zi Qing is very clear in her head. Zi Qing picked up a board on the ground and threw it out in front of him. It sank directly into nothingness without touching any obstacles. There was no echo. Zi Qing's heart beat faster. She thought of something and bent down again to pick up a board and hold one end. Dig the plank into the white mist. Disappeared, through the touch of the board, without any hindrance. There is no power transmission, but. The board that sank into the white fog just disappeared?! Zi Qing looked down at the smooth section on her hand. Rao is that she has seen a lot of "big world", and her body can not help but tremble. So There is no space outside, and the courtyard is completely isolated here! In order to prove his idea, Zi Qing resists the chaff and takes her to the bamboo forest. Then I walked around the wall of Sun Fu. Sure enough, there was only one lonely yard left in the world. So, even if I control the culprit now and avoid the fire, the people here are still in this isolated place and will die in the end. In the impression of the original owner,ceramic bobbin heater, Sun Fu did not have the stinginess of those big families, at least gave her life and living space. Therefore, even though these people may be similar to other big families in terms of life style and usual intrigue, they are not guilty of death. So In fact, the most fundamental requirement of this task is not to say that she avoided the fire, but to rescue the original owner and all the people here from this place of death! What should we do now? Zi Qing went back to the bamboo forest with a confused head. The people of the Sun Mansion outside are still making a lot of noise. They should not have found out what their place has become,cordierite c520, have they? As well, ignorance is bliss. Zi Qing looked at Ying Ying, still struggling in vain, the rope on her body was almost embedded in the flesh. I do not know when, the color of resentment in the eyes turned into begging. Zi Qing thought about it and took a few pictures of the amulet to ward off evil spirits, because from all the phenomena, the other side would have a lot of evil means, so he took a few pictures of the amulet to be prepared. Ying Ying looked at the paper on Zi Qing's body, with panic and surprise in her eyes. You should know that the original mainstream music lives under her eyes every day, and has never gone out since she came to Sun Fu. There's no way she could have access to these things. So, the only explanation is that this woman is probably similar to herself, from a different time and space, ceramic bobbin element ,Ceramic Band Heater, and is the kind of person who carries a golden finger. She came here to recuperate. Very not easy to find this remote place, a gathering of so many people, and all are full of calculation, full of evil gas. Just right to create a power source. So she dressed up as a servant girl, sneaked into Sun Fu, and was quickly recognized by her own means. It also helped the Sun family change from an ordinary rich family to a real big family in just a few years. Expansion of dozens of houses, of course, the construction of these houses are mostly the same as the small courtyard of Liule, are the place to gather Yin, is to let these people body Yin Qi entangled, the final release of resentment will be stronger. Then, in the name of charity, she looked everywhere for people who met the requirements and sold them into the house, either as slaves or as concubines. Everything is arranged properly except for the east wind. Ying Ying briefly told Ziqing about the matter, but her expression was very desperate. She said anxiously, "Hurry up, so happy. Please let me go quickly. The world has collapsed. I must leave here …" I don't care who you are, you see, in fact, I did not hurt you, you let me go, I swear I will never hurt you, I can also tell you everything here.. Zi Qing thought about it quietly, what the other party had just said. True and false are mixed. She felt that there were still many mysteries about the task, and maybe the other party could really give her the answer. And the despair and fear shown by the other side, as well as begging for mercy, made her tremble inexplicably. Chapter 655 filling the fragments of the world (plus 53). "You just said.." This world.. Want What's the matter with the collapse? Zi Qing suppressed the trembling feeling in her heart, secretly guarding against the other side's counterattack at any time, while trying to ask. Because Ying Ying really wants to leave now, because the more she delays, she will really be trapped like the bitches here. But the woman in front of her was indifferent to her begging. She knows human nature like the palm of her hand, and this flow of music is what she personally picked up in the beggar's nest, she knows each other's temperament too well, is absolutely the kind of person who can't bear to see others cry. In this small courtyard, if it were not for her protection, the other party would have been killed by these women who ate people and did not spit bones. Well, she's just trying to protect the other person in order to make them part of her plan. Ying Ying's resentful eyes were like substance, poking Ziqing's forehead with pain. Zi Qing obviously felt a cold breath into the body,Ceramic Bobbin, hurriedly running the spiritual formula, for a long time to let the impetuous mood calm down, those negative effects also weakened a lot.