What do you think of movies? Don't think about professional answers, from your point of view as an audience. I don't suppose you haven't seen the film? Just tell me how you feel when you watch a movie. An Huasheng drove himself, and Bai Xiao sat in the co-driver's seat. Although he is now very unhappy with Bai Xiao's character, for the sake of his work, An Huasheng is still able to put aside those unpleasantness. With his master-level professional accomplishment, he decided to cultivate Bai Xiao's spiritual understanding of acting from every possible place in life, regardless of time and occasion. The first question is very important. What is a movie? Bai Xiao was silent for a moment. She thought about this question countless times when she was looking for relevant materials in the library, and remembered some terminological explanations, but what Anhuasheng wanted to ask was obviously not this, was her thinking deviated at the beginning? But as an audience, she has never thought deeply about the film. There seems to be no need for that. How to answer? Answer what you think. Bai Xiao thought and said, "When I watch movies, I seldom think about anything.". However, on the whole, the vision of watching movies is still quite picky, the more I watch, the fewer movies can impress me deeply. Sometimes, I want to see something that makes my heart move, whether it's a picture or a plot, but it's rare. That's right! You got the point. An Huasheng smiled and his voice was very inductive. "For most audiences, maybe a good movie is just a movie that can be remembered by themselves, that is, as you said, a move in the heart.". In my opinion, a film that can make the audience move is a successful film of deception. "He deceives the audience to feel personally on the scene, deceives the audience to believe his logic, deceiving the audience is moved, then, he succeeded!" "Cheat?" Bai Xiao was slightly in a daze, and then she turned her mind and felt that if there was a touch, "it seems so.". When I watch Harry Potter, I think I want to go to Hogwarts, when I watch Titanic,outdoor spa manufacturers, I think Jack seems to be passing away, when I watch The Pianist of the Sea, I almost think that the elf-like pianist, 1900, really existed, and when I finally see that he would rather sink in the sea than go ashore, I actually think that. That's a matter of course. Because I believed in their ideas and their logic. At least I was deceived, clearly know that those are false, but always regard those as true, touched. Is this the movie? It's just acting. It's fake, and it makes people believe it's true. "Oh.." An Huasheng nodded his head with a surprised expression. "Very good, Bai Xiao, you are more spiritual than I imagined!"! That's it, keep it that way. You drift out of reality, and you are tricked into believing that every story is true. So, the movie is good, and you, hot tub wholesale ,jacuzzi bath spa, the audience, are also top. Okay, now turn around and think, what else do you think a good movie should do before it deceives the audience? Bai Xiao was a little distracted, and she actually felt that Ann Watson's expression at the moment was very interesting. Yes, this is the careful and natural expression of the guide, which is very interesting. Is this the quality of a professional? Bai Xiao while distracted, while it seems to be really guided, while it seems to be only the fermentation of the heart for a long time, at this moment before the formation of the idea to say: "deceive yourself!"! Before deceiving the audience, first deceive the scriptwriter, the director and the actor. If you think it's true, then who else can say it's false? Life is like a play, originally, it is not clear. Her voice trailed off. She just felt that her own life was more absurd than all kinds of scripts? Volume 2: But when does the west wind rise? Chapter 29: Is the butterfly in a dream? "Life is like a play, which is just a big fraud." An Huasheng smiled and nodded, as a conclusion to the topic of deception. Then he asked, "To put it another way, what do you think the eye sees?" Talking all the way, the car has been on the Great Ring Road in the suburbs, and will soon arrive at the Flying Eagle Film and Television City. The greening on the ring road is well done, and the field of vision is also very wide. Bai Xiao's line of sight through the window, along with the movement of the car, falls on the road scenery that is rapidly pulling away and retreating. At this time, the weather is slightly overcast, and Bai Xiao's eyes are slightly bright. All kinds of light refraction, resulting in visual shadow, the real object is seen by the human eye, the mirage is also seen by the human eye, the same film is reflected in the human eye through light and shadow and visual residual image, in essence, is a deception of light to the human pupil. Bai Xiao suddenly felt funny, "so, not only life is like a play, even the whole world is a big fraud?"? Stones in the water, the light is distorted, so that people can see the misplaced stones, kaleidoscope, people's line of sight is constrained, so in the square inch to see thousands of colors. So what else is credible in this world? Director An, you're not going to teach me philosophy, are you? This question can make the wisest sages grow old overnight, not to mention that we are just mortals. They are just ordinary people, so they can't break away, they can't get rid of it, they know that life is just a big fraud, but they are also willing to be cheated, and they are cheated without regret. Chuang Chou was already asking himself. "An Huasheng shook his head and said leisurely," Is the butterfly in his dream, or is he in the butterfly's dream. But no matter who dreams of who, our purpose is to remember this magnificent. You're an actor, so remember, you're not yourself anymore. If you are a mirage, you have to forget that you are nothing. If you are just a few small fragments at the bottom of the kaleidoscope,4 person jacuzzi, you have to feel that you can be transformed into a famous flower at any time. Bai Xiao listened carefully and tried to imagine how to forget himself. She felt hazy, as if she had caught something, and as if she had not caught anything. monalisa.com