Dreams and madness

The lightning bucket was thick and thin, and the lightning flashed,5 person hot tub, which was very frightening. Standing under the cloud of plunder, Fang Mu was under pressure and had nowhere to escape, so he had to let the lightning enter his body.


After Ma Yi left, Yu Wenfa called Wang Yiquan to the office and told him about the advertising contract of Northern Heavy Industries. He asked Wang Yiquan to find Ma Yi to do it tomorrow. He also said that Ma Yi was ready to roar. As soon as Wang Yiquan heard this, he became anxious and said, "General Manager Yu, we can't forget righteousness at the sight of profit just because Northern Heavy Industries gave us fifty thousand more."! As soon as Yu Wenfa pulled his face, who forgot righteousness at the sight of profit? You are the only one who forgets righteousness at the sight of profit! This is what I want to do news, if the listed companies are safe every day, singing and dancing every month, but also our "People's Securities" to do? Shouldn't we all be out of work? Wang Yiquan smiled, this is also true! But after thinking about it, I still feel inappropriate. General Manager Yu, they pinch and let them pinch. What trouble are we looking for? If we make a mistake, can Beichai and Sun Heping spare us? Yu Wenfa pushed the materials forward to Wang Yi in an all-round way. So, you go to make a copy of these petition materials and send them to Sun Heping. Don't say I asked you to send them. Take the 150,000 of Beichai back by the way! Wang Yiquan shook the material in his hand and asked, "General Manager Yu, what if Sun Heping is willing to pay a high price for this material?"? Like give us five or six hundred thousand? Can we stop the action with Ma Yi? With a wave of his hand, don't forget righteousness at the sight of profit! Say one hundred and fifty thousand is one hundred and fifty thousand, not a penny more! Give me a clear message to Sun Heping, as long as our "People's Securities" reporter investigation is true, we and Ma Yi will act! Sun Heping this boy is not very cattle, and I have been talking about the power of capital,whirlpool hot tub, this time, I have to let Sun Heping and Beichai experience the power of the news! Wang Yiquan said, General Manager Yu, Sun Heping's attitude has changed now, giving us so many advertisements! Yu Wenfa snorted, "I haven't exhausted the bad breath in my heart yet, so you can do it like this!"! It happened on Monday. On Tuesday, Wang Yiquan,China spa factory, accompanied by Ma Yi, went to Northern Heavy Industries to sign an advertising contract of 200,000 yuan and received a cash check of 200,000 yuan on the spot. Yu Wenfa saw real gold and silver, and sent two reporters with petition materials that afternoon to interview the SASAC of K Province. On Wednesday, Sun Heping personally called and invited him and the vice presidents of People's Securities to have dinner at the provincial capital office of Beichai Group, a scenic spot in the northern suburbs, but he refused. Sun Heping had to explain on the phone that the matter had been settled and that Beichai had just paid 50 million yuan for the land. On Thursday, two reporters came back to report that the loss of state-owned assets was true, but whether it was 50 million or 600 million, the Beichai Group and the petitioning employees were at loggerheads. Beichai initially wanted to pay 30 million, but K province did not agree, Beichai had no way, and was forced to pay 20 million. All this shows that the news to be done is really there. So, in Friday's newspaper, Chinese spa manufacturer ,american hot tub, Ma Yi formally launched an attack, with an article entitled "Ants are roaring-state-owned assets are lost under institutional bribery" published, along with a reporter's report "50 million or 600 million?" 。 On the day the article was published in the newspaper, Sun Heping called again, this time not to invite him to dinner, but to threaten him, asking what Wenfa and People's Securities wanted to do? Why make a big fuss about a small matter that has been solved? Do you want to go to court? It said it would consider taking legal action. Yu Wenfa is also not polite, retaliated, I and "People's Securities" must accompany to the end! State-owned assets are inviolable, and even powerful capital forces must be subject to the supervision of public opinion. Sun Heping softened again and asked, General Manager Yu, do you know Ma Yi's identity? He is an independent director of Northern Heavy Industries. Don't be fooled! Yu Wenfa felt a burst of joy in his heart. He also relaxed his tone and said, Sun Dong, we will not be fooled by anyone. We just deal with the matter on its own merits and remain fair and objective. If you have anything to say about Beizhong and Yangliu, or if you find out that Ma Yi has any shady conspiracy, we will also publish your article. Sun Heping's attitude has changed. Well, General Manager Yu, we still have to meet as soon as possible to clear up some misunderstandings. In fact, you should know that after the last share reform game, I have been asking the following to pay attention to the relationship with your People's Securities. Yu Wenfa said, I have fully noticed this, so please don't doubt my fair and objective position. It's really interesting that Sun Heping, who has always been cowhide, is no longer a cow. Ma Yi's article and the reporter's report hit his vital point. In the face of news and public opinion supervision, capital has finally lowered its high head. It's time to consider a meeting. For such dangerous capital crocodiles, we must know when to use the whip of news and public opinion and when to compromise and concede, otherwise both sides will lose. However, what Yu Wenfa never dreamed of was that this time, after Tang Jiahe, vice governor of the province and director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, saw the article and report of People's Securities, he fled in a hurry on Saturday night, September 1, and flew to Canada via Hong Kong. Before escaping, he left a long letter to Wang Rucheng, the new secretary of the provincial party committee, saying that his wife was seriously ill in Canada and needed him to take care of her. He had no time to wait until 19 days later to retire, so he had to leave without saying goodbye. At the end of the letter, he even put forward ten suggestions for the next reform of K province. As soon as the news of Tang Jiahe's escape came out, more than 300 veteran employees of Zhengda Heavy Machinery, who had been petitioning for help, woke up from a dream and were extremely angry. They pasted the People's Securities, which published Ma Yi's articles and reporters'reports, on a large wooden sign and held it up. They rushed into Zhengda Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Company and clashed fiercely with the police who had been ordered to maintain production order. Brewed the "93" bloody mass incident that shocked the whole country. Sixteen police officers and 33 employees were injured in the incident, and two employees were killed in the clash. September 3 is another Monday, the market rose strongly, up to 5300 points, Northern Heavy Industries rose 5%, but Beichai Group once dropped and stopped,best whirlpool tub, closing volume still plunged 8%.. Chapter 47 On the morning of September 3, 2007, Ren Yan'an witnessed the mass bloodshed through the French window in his office on the eighth floor of the office building of Zhengda Heavy Machinery Manufacturing General Factory. monalisa.com