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The lightning bucket was thick and thin, and the lightning flashed,5 person hot tub, which was very frightening. Standing under the cloud of plunder, Fang Mu was under pressure and had nowhere to escape, so he had to let the lightning enter his body.


"My son McKee sent me a message that you saved him twice in the space crack. It seems that you really have fate with us." Bass, the head of the evil dragon clan, laughed, nodded heavily, and immediately looked at Gut. "I heard that the ghost is also a close friend of Shiyan. I didn't expect that both of our clans are a little involved with this guy. Well, it's really predestined." Fu Wei and all the people in the Medicine Pavilion were stunned and looked deeply at Shiyan. McKee is the son of Bass. This little evil dragon has always been arrogant to make trouble. It is also a famous disaster in the star field of Mawei. The ghost is a new strong member of the Tyrannosaurus, and is listed as a key object of investigation by the Medicine Pavilion. He thinks that he may become a potential leader of the demon clan in the future. He is very careful. Shi Yan unexpectedly and McKee, the ghost has a close friendship, which makes Fu Wei heart very surprised, looking at Shi Yan's eyes more and more surprised. The blood demon's kindred people are friendly with the potential leaders of the Tyrannosaurus and the Evil Dragon Clan. What is the origin of this guy? Why it's never been heard before. Every person in the medicine cabinet was secretly surprised and made up his mind to clarify the identity of Shiyan and to observe it carefully as a key object. The blood demon, Bass, and Gut stood there, and the rich energy of heaven and earth of the demon blood star could not help converging towards them. If the spirit H hún perceived it, it could be seen that the energy was like a stream, sinking into the flesh and blood of their bodies, and would never stop. No one in the field, including Shiyan, could absorb the energy of heaven and earth. It seemed that with these three people, others wanted to get a little light. This kind of overbearing special X xìng, let Shi Yan secretly frightened,Whirlpool bathtub, he this is the first time to see the existence of the first God level, that kind of terror like a mountain of oppression, straight to the depths of the spirit H hún, has not yet fought, then the fighting spirit completely disappeared, gave birth to an invincible decadent helpless Rui "you talk to the medicine cabinet, I talk to him." The blood demon thought for a moment, restrained his arrogant and domineering breath,garden jacuzzi tub, and suddenly reached out to grasp it. The energy emptied into a dark light curtain, dragging Shiyan away directly, but for a moment, the blood demon took Shiyan and did not know where to go. Bass and Gut didn't care either. They seemed to know that the blood demon was this kind of xxìng case. They looked at each other with a smile and went to Fu Wei. Bass took the lead in saying: "In the past, our demon dragon star traded with the elder of your medicine cabinet, but the blood demon said that you had a conflict with the elder. Let us trade with you directly in the future. We will naturally give the blood demon this face." Fu Wei's blue eyes showed her joy. She smiled and nodded. "Thank you for your kindness," she said softly. "I won't let you down." Gut waved his hand, "I am not interested in the struggle of your medicine cabinet, as long as you give me enough concessions, you can win me over.". Hey hey, even if your medicine cabinet war, as long as there is enough reward, our demon dragon star can also contribute. Fu Wei face s sè embarrassed, seriously explained: "We Su Qi Ge will not argue, whirlpool hot tub ,endless swim pool, the elder don't say so straightforward, but I still want to thank the elder." Buss and Gut looked careless and took the initiative to go to Fuwei to discuss the future transaction. Ji Lan and others immediately retired to make room for them. East side of the Magic Blood Star. In a dense forest, the thick magic gas rippled like sea water, blood bubbles bubbled in a bloody lake, and the energy movement in the dark red s sè liquid was extremely obvious. The blood demon put the rock beside the lake, pointed to the pool, and said, "This is very good for cultivation. It can make immortal demon blood. Well, this is unique to me, but you can also come here to practice in the future. It will be very good for the condensation of your immortal demon blood." Shi Yan hurriedly thanked him. His heart moved for a moment and he said, "Does this blood lake cost a lot of cultivation?" "It costs millions of divine crystals a year." The blood demon nodded his head. Can anyone else practice besides me? Shi Yan asked carefully. Unless he, like you, can flow the blood of the undead in his body, if not, without strong resilience, he can't resist entering the blood lake. "Those who have the blood of the undead Demons and have not been able to condense the Demon Blood for the time being can also enter penance." 'Of Course. But you can't practice for too long. You have to do it little by little. Blood demon was stupefied for a moment, suddenly surprised up, "in addition to you, there is also a body with immortal demon blood?" There are a lot of people. ” "Where?" "All in the Demon Blood Star, all the Yang family lineages, who have the undead Wu hhún, all have the blood of the undead Demons.". Only It has not been sent yet, and the magic blood has not been condensed out. The blood demon's eyes lit up and he burst out laughing. "Good!"! It seems that I will no longer be lonely, I want to carry forward the undead Demons, so that the undead Demons will become one of the strongest races in the Star Domain! !。 Chapter 976 the profound meaning in the blood. A corner of the Magic Blood Star. m In the scarlet thick blood lake, the stone rock and the blood demon body soak in it, in the blood lake is braving the blood bubble, the blood mist does not disperse. A trace of blood-colored fog line, penetrated into the capillaries of Shiyan's whole body, slowly merged into his blood, he could clearly sense that the undead demon blood was nourished, and before long, a drop of demon blood was condensed out. This blood lake has consumed a lot of cultivation materials, the most important of which is the immortal grass. This kind of grass juice is of great help to our magic blood condensation. Almost all the immortal grass produced in the Mawei Star Field has been purchased by me through the Medicine Pavilion. The blood demon laughed and explained the mystery of the blood lake for Shiyan. "Practicing in the blood lake, our magic blood will be condensed very fast. Generally, after I fight with people, when the magic blood is consumed, it will be condensed again here." Shi Yan felt the condensation of the magic blood in the chalk, with a serene expression and a smile at the corners of his mouth. "It's really very suitable for us to practice." "Show me that altar of your soul and let me look at it." The blood demon said with a smile. When he spoke, he took the lead in displaying his soul altar. The four layers of the soul altar, like a blood stone, were glittering and translucent red. The sea layer, the mystery layer, the beginning layer and the soul were stacked on top of each other. Each layer was connected by thick blood gas, which was somewhat similar to the blood lake under his body. The blood demon's knowledge of the sea is scarlet, vast and boundless,outdoor endless pool, as soon as it appears, it is like a vast ocean of blood, with a thick smell of blood.