The other party listened to his words, but suddenly blackened his face, probably thinking of a bad memory. Wen Shaoxin was suddenly afraid of a sudden attack from the other side, and he was secretly on guard. But the other side suddenly smiled, the dark skin on his face bulged up, wrinkles squeezed into a ball, like a hard squeeze out, looks very strange. Wen Shaoxin felt nervous and involuntarily wanted to move his body back. The other side did not see him in the eye, also did not pay attention to his movement, but looked at him with the same eyes as looking at garbage, sneered: "Looks like a very smart child, the head is filled with straw?" As he spoke, he seemed to be talking to himself and said, "Only a smart and qualified child can sell at a price. Does anyone want such a brain-damaged child?"? If you can't sell it at a price, won't you throw it in your hand? Wen Shaoxin: ".." Should he admit that he is stupid and beg the other party to let him go? He is a little tangled, is thinking about forget it, the real man can bend and stretch, 18 days later is a hero, but the other side said: "the big deal is to lower the price, can always be sold." Wen Shaoxin: ".." Sell, sell, sell your mother, but he dares not speak out, nor dare to stare at each other, for fear of accidentally stimulating this neuropathy. Yes, he is a neuropathy. He is kind enough to do a good deed and is treated like this. Is there any justice. Who dares to help people who don't know in the future? This kind of person should be struck by lightning. Human beings are becoming more and more indifferent in interpersonal relationships,304 Stainless Steel Coil, which is caused by these people. I am the treasure of my father and Yao Guang, I am the treasure of my father and Yao Guang, I am the treasures of my father. The self-made bell rang suddenly, and Wen Shaoxin jumped. Then, he was excited again, this is Yao Guang, Yao Guang has arrived at the station, did not find him, before the video to find him. What to do? This video can't be received at all. How can I tell Yao Guang that he is here? It's not far from the waiting room. If he shouts loudly,304 Stainless Steel Bar, he can hear it over there. He looked at the kidnappers with trepidation, how could he let Yao Guang hear his voice without any trace? The old man is pumping the corners of his mouth, his eyes are extremely contemptuous, "You are not only brain-damaged, but also not thin-skinned!"! No, I'm wrong. Your skin is the thickest I've ever seen in my life! With this broken Gong voice, I have the nerve to open my mouth and sing. And this lyric, tut, such a big boy, is it not shameful, but also Baole? Wen Shaoxin breathed fire in his eyes, stared at him with hatred, and completely exploded. He is screaming to scold a way: "You are a neuropathy, I am Bao Le, how?"? Neuropathy like you, certainly no one loves you, you envy and hate it, no matter what kind of Lao Tzu is, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, is the treasure in the heart of the family, you are such an evil person is estimated that no one wants to be psychologically distorted. Ah Wen Shaoxin gave a miserable cry, so painful that he could hardly speak. The kidnapper was enraged by him and took off his other arm. If they didn't want a complete person, I would have wanted to break your hands and feet, break your arms and legs. "The kidnappers suppressed their voices, their faces sinking like water, obviously angry." Don't challenge my bottom line again, or I would rather not do this business and kill you directly. " "As far as you are concerned, I really look down on you. You are a loser of E and F level physical fitness. You dare to speak rudely in front of B level. Who gave you face?"? Your father is brain-damaged, so he still regards you as a treasure? "Your father is stupid!"! Brain-damaged, your mother sells batches! Wen Shaoxin warms the blood on the brain. I don't care. If you want to die, just die. Scold him, he may be able to bear, scold his father is absolutely not. His father brought him up as a mother and a father, not to be scolded by these people. He glared at the kidnappers viciously, and the hatred in his eyes was as real as the substance, rushing out: "Just kill me. I'm really afraid of you.". I've had enough of you, psycho! Then he tilted his head to one side and ignored the man again. As soon as he turned his head, he was suddenly startled, and then, reacting again, he quickly lowered his eyelids and dared not move any more. The kidnapper was not angry, nor did he notice the change in his expression. He looked at him leisurely. "You're right. My father is really brain-damaged." Wen Shaoxin lowered his eyes, kept silent and motionless. He seems to feel bored, "Tut" twice, holding a syringe slowly approaching him, mouth cheap way: "Since you want to die, I will not kill you, but..." "Bang!" There was a loud noise, and before he had finished speaking, a sharp pain hit him, and then he flew out, and a young man of seventeen or eighteen stood in front of him. Wen Shaoxin opened his eyes excitedly and shouted, "Yao Guang.." His eyes were wet when he called out his name, and he couldn't help sniffing. The boy looked back at him and was relieved to see that he was all right except for his pale face. How do you want to die? The boy with cold eyebrows turned to look at the kidnapper and asked carelessly. Cough! The kidnapper spat blood foam, and it was estimated that his ribs were broken and his lungs were punctured. He stroked his chest and looked at Wen Shaoxin casually. "Are you Yao Guang?" He asked in surprise? Physical fitness is A-level, people like him are everywhere, brains.. Before he had finished speaking, there was another loud noise, accompanied by a sharp pain that tore his heart and lungs, and his body was kicked away, falling on the steps in front of the villa, and the back of his head hit the stone hard. Ahem! Weakly, he vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, his ribs on the other side were broken, and his lungs were penetrated. His body twitched silently, apparently too painful to make a sound. The boy's eyes were awe-inspiring, but his expression was still faint. He strolled up to him, crouched down, and whispered in his ear, "Do you dare to move the treasure we hold in the palm of our hands?"? If it wasn't for the live broadcast, I would have dismembered you. The voice seems to contain ten thousand years of ice arrows, cold to the bone. He shivered, turned his head and stared at the teenager in surprise. He had already turned on the shielding device. The boy seemed to understand his eyes and looked sarcastic. "He's clever." With these words, he reached for the syringe on the ground, ignored the fear in his eyes and the struggle of his body,mirror stainless steel sheet, and pushed the needle into his skin and pushed the liquid medicine in. His struggle slowly weakened until he fell into a coma. Yao Guang, I'm in pain! The tender voice has a nasal sound, not to mention how pitiful.