Ballad of seeking the moon

Kunlun headmaster stood out, Eucommia and he had a personal enmity,lamella clarifer, the process is difficult to say, had to use revenge as an excuse. Eucommia ulmoides nodded and said, "It should be reported."


Maybe you will be angry at first, and you will lose your temper like a child for a few days, and you will be serious with yourself. After a few days to calm down, he would find that she was no different from those brilliant flowers, delicate in appearance or fragrant in smell, and would eventually wither. It is better to look for a flower again, a fresh and tender flower that can be dedicated to him and never abandon him. Thinking of this, she had mixed feelings in her heart. Looking at his sad old face again, only the bitterness was unbearable, and the spittle from the corners of his mouth was also bitter. The eyes around him were burning, and countless pairs of eyes were staring at him. Most of them are extremely angry, covering up the sad and timid eyes. It is so quiet that the wind does not dare to blow easily, like a quiet pool in the courtyard that does not like to shake. Pool surface like a mirror, reflecting everyone's dignified expression, Yunling looked at Eucommia coldly, crushing the porcelain cup in his hand. The light sound became an ink spot falling into the pool, and the ink marks of the star spots spread, boiling and steaming into an angry roar: "Eucommia ulmoides takes life!" Half arm long double thorn, hand attack, black thin man canthus eyes, toward the Eucommia chest stab. Lei Chi took the lead in reacting and wanted to use the tiger's paw to stop him, but he was stopped by Eucommia ulmoides. He opened his bow left and right, stretched out two fingers to clamp the double thorns,Lamella Plate Settler, and pulled them hard behind his ears. The elbow hit the black thin man in the chest, leading to a string of acid hemp, the hands of the weak double thorn was taken away by Eucommia ulmoides. The thin black man angrily stepped back, raised his hand and clenched it into a fist, intending never to return, and drove away with broken teeth. Duzhong grabbed his fists and drew a circle out of thin air to push him a few steps. He picked up the double thorns, held them in the palm of his hand, and handed them upside down, saying,lamella tube, "In the past, the old hero Wu of Shanxi created the double thorns like a shadow, which was a clever word.". Double stab vertical variable gun, horizontal can be used as dart, with the number of ways is more changeable. Strength is certainly indispensable in martial arts, but if you rely solely on brute force, won't you lose the subtlety of your tactics? He bent slightly, his mouth was not forgiving, but his movements were respectful. With a snort, the thin black man withdrew his double thorns and returned to the crowd. It is not easy to have the courage to perish together once, especially after seeing the gap between the two, the black and thin man can no longer lift the momentum. "What are you doing?" King Xiang shouted angrily? Mr. Du and Yi Yue Lou intend to fight against the enemy with everyone. Don't the strong men want to chill the hearts of the righteous men? "King Xiang, you don't know that Yuelou is a famous demon sect, and Eucommia ulmoides is the leader of evil spirits, a thorough sorcerer." The thin black man spat and crushed it with his shoes as if it were the skull of Eucommia ulmoides. More than ten years ago, our sect was repeatedly harassed by the Moon Tower. How many of the disciples in the sect died at their hands! It is true that the barbarians forgive our territory, disc air diffuser ,fine bubble diffuser, the national hatred and family hatred, and the national hatred is also true! But if you want me to cooperate with Yuelou and call each other brother, how can I live up to the dead brothers in the faction? This is to let them have no peace in their grave! An impassioned speech stirred up a thousand waves. They all nodded their heads in praise and said, "Yiyuelou has done a lot of evil. It is absolutely impossible for us to associate with him." Seeing this, King Xiang hurried into the crowd to lobby, saying, "These Mr. Du also told me that in the early years of the Yuelou Tower, all comers were welcome and many villains were taken in. The things he did are really too numerous to record.". But more than ten years have passed, the evildoer has already been disposed of, Mr. Du intends to make up for it, and the magic weapon in your hands is from his handwriting. When is the entanglement of gratitude and resentment? For the sake of Xiao Mou, let's put it aside for the time being. Hearing that the magic weapon in hand was the idea of Eucommia ulmoides, many people threw it away with direct resentment, and the crackling sound of iron collision sounded like a flame beating on the stove. The fire was burning and exploding in the hearts of the people, and the sound of heavy breathing rose and fell one after another. It was obvious that after years of hatred, it was too unrealistic to think about it in one sentence. All the heroes. King Xiang still wanted to say a few words, but the good situation turned out to be like this, and he was really unwilling. Eucommia walked forward, put his hand on King Xiang's shoulder and patted him. "Wang Ye, this is the entanglement between Yuelou and you. You don't have to worry too much. Eucommia has its own way." "This.." King Xiang looked at Eucommia ulmoides, his deep eyes had a firm look, slightly pale cheeks squeezed out a faint smile, helpless King Xiang sighed. You be careful. The crowd was surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside. Yunling did not know when she had stood up and returned to the position where the disciples of Yunmeng Valley had gathered. She stopped Fan Heng slightly with her hand to prevent him from rushing out of the crowd. Eucommia ulmoides put his hands together, his right hand up and his left hand in front of his chest, and bent down to apologize: "The past is the fault of the Moon Tower.". As the Dharma Protector of the Moon Tower, the disciple made a mistake because I was not strict with him. Today, even if you make a move, Du will never resist. I also hope that all the heroes and prime ministers will be able to push a boat in their stomachs and fight against the barbarians together with the Yuelou Tower, regardless of the past. As soon as the words came out, Li Xiangyue's hand pulling the corner of his clothes tightened a few inches. Yiyuelou has a lot of misdeeds. I'm afraid there are few people who have no entanglement with him. So many people can drown him even if everyone spits. Is it really desperate! "You can't do it, you can't do it. You can't say anything at this time." Shouted King Xiang. The bent back of Eucommia ulmoides did not straighten up, but calmly said: "a word can not be recalled, please." The thin black man was the first to launch an attack. He picked up the double thorns and rushed over. The thorns went straight into his shoulders. Two sharp thorns with cold light came out behind the lute bone. You The black and thin man did not expect that he really did not hide, and pulled out the double thorns and blood dripped all over the ground. Wrapped in sand and dust, the blood turned black, like a first-class ink-splashing landscape painting. With courage and insight, Wu had nothing to say. Then he dropped the double thorn and returned to the crowd. Holding Eucommia ulmoides, Lei Chi simply stopped his bleeding and asked anxiously in a low voice, "Dharma Protector, you were injured not long ago. Why bother?" "This is the wish of the landlord, and I promised to do it." He stretched out his hand to stop the bleeding, stood up again and asked respectfully, "Which hero is next?" "Mother!"! It hurts when you pull me. Shen son does not quite understand the situation, only feel that they are playing games, that is, I do not know why the mother is so excited, living to break her off. Li Xiangyue woke up with a start, loosened Shen Er's hand, turned around and grasped the sword, unable to help but want to draw the sword to kill the thin black man with one sword. Eucommia ulmoides, three generations of my Kunlun Sect disciples have been killed by the Yuelu Tower. Is this revenge? Kunlun headmaster stood out, Eucommia and he had a personal enmity,lamella clarifer, the process is difficult to say, had to use revenge as an excuse. Eucommia ulmoides nodded and said, "It should be reported." 。