Which Character Attributes Should You Upgrade First in NBA 2K22?MyProfessional

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When starting with a brand new MyPlayer build in NBA 2K22 MyCareer, most players are well aware that the road to 99 overall is long, exhausting, and, most importantly, expensive in terms of virtual currency (VC).

If you're wondering which attributes to prioritize first in NBA 2K22 MT MyCareer on Current Gen and Next Gen, here's a breakdown of which ones to prioritize first in each generation.

Which Character Attributes Should You Upgrade First in NBA 2K22? MyProfessional
Unlike Jump Shot animations, which were not created equal, attribute categories were not created equal, as the vast majority of veterans of the virtual basketball franchise are well aware.


NBA 2K22 MT Munten Kopen's various animation, Badge, and attribute offerings have all been subjected to extensive testing, thanks to the efforts of members of the NBA 2K22 community who have taken it upon themselves to do meticulous testing, such as NBA2KLab and NBA 2K Tutes. As a result, we now know that there are numerous instances where a sweet spot exists.

Instead of going overboard in one area, players can save both time and money if they are aware of certain things before investing their VC and limited attribute upgrades in that area.

Due to the fact that the gameplay is extremely consistent across platforms this year, even though you can't specifically upgrade your physicals on Current Gen, you can still do pretty much everything else.

Beginning with their own dribble moves, dunking animations and Badges, most players should check the animations store or Badge screen to see what attribute requirements they need in order to equip them (for example, Gold Pick Pocket requires an 86 Steal).

Following that, it is largely dependent on your build, but the following are the most critical to upgrade first, in order of importance:

Three-point shot (a score of around 80 is considered good).
Upgrade as much as you need to in order to obtain the desired dunk animations/badges) Driving Dunk
Pass Accuracy (Bullet Passer is a must-have on the Next Generation).
Dribble with the ball handle (level 85 unlocks almost all dribble moves)
If you're a big man, don't worry about speed with the ball.
'Offensive Rebound' is a term used to describe the act of grabbing a rebound and using it to your advantage.
Defensive stanceTake a Rebound Steal (max out your Pick Pocket as soon as possible)

Defending the Perimeter (influences how quickly your player defensively slides)
(It affects how quickly your player can run without the ball; for big men, the mid-60's is the sweet spot.)