We've made it easier for newborns and children to learn the fundamentals of swimming in a clean and private indoor environment. We have warm water, small classes, and world-class swimming training that is tailored to your child's specific needs. 

Babies swimming school

In addition to teaching kids this life-long survival ability, we organize activities such as the Water Ninja Challenge, Otterlympic, and Fundraising Swim - "Your Effort Helps" to help children develop self-confidence, sportsmanship, and social responsibility. We are happy to focus on a child's physical, mental, and social development at OtterSwim Aquatic, which is how learn-to-swim should be.

OtterSwim has designed a structured program that all coaches understand and adhere to to ensure that your child continues to grow during their time with us. We are also conscious that a one-size-fits-all strategy will not always suit some particular pupils in swimming schools, therefore we alter these processes as needed to provide value to such children. We have classes for children as little as four months old and as old as adults.

OtterSwim is dedicated to offering fundamental water safety and life skills, as well as developing stroke mechanics and performance, all while assuring positive experiences for your children in all aspects. Swimming is beneficial not only to your fitness but also to your children's health and well-being. Swim for good health.  

Your child will be in good hands at our swimming school. Our coaches, who are equipped with a variety of teaching techniques and coaching with a wealth of experience, know the best way to assist your child reach the required results. We are proud of our coaches and invest in their ongoing growth as swimming educators

Every OtterSwim coach who works with newborns and small children has received specialized training to guarantee that swimming lessons are both safe and enjoyable. Years of expertise have resulted in our unique teaching approaches; we know what works. We have the best instructors to provide private swimming lessons for competitions if you want to perfect your skills and swim like a champion so you can compete!